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BlogPaws Celebrates Blogger Award Winners

 Newfieby: Carol Bryant

BlogPaws, the first online pet community to establish an offline social media conference, announced the twelve winners of the 2012 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards in an exclusive red carpet awards ceremony this summer.

We've also turned on the disco way-back machine to celebrate the nominees and winners with a very special video in their honor. If you weren't at the BlogPaws 2012 Conference, here's a chance to catch up. If you were there, then groove along with us. Bell bottoms and funky dance moves encouraged. Here we go:

Be considered for a BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Blogger Award in 2013! Be sure to join our Community and register for the 2013 BlogPaws Conference.

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  1. This is very annoying, the video doesn’t play, it would be nice to just read a list. Re affirms to me that blog paws is about people who have money and don’t want to communicate with anyone who can’t afford high speed broadband, whether true or not.

  2. Hi Pamela, We just double checked and the video is working. We have a complete list also.
    This list has been on the BlogPaws website since July, but I wanted to repost here for reference: http://awards.blogpaws.com/
    BlogPaws is all about bloggers and helping to connect bloggers to one another, people, brands, and more. We are more than happy to assist with any questions you have. In fact, feel free to write to me directly. I can be reached at carol@blogpaws.com. Have a good day and thanks for chiming in.

  3. I wish BlogPaws did awards for people (and pets) who couldn’t ever afford to go to the conference. I find myself jealously reading everyones posts and comments and wishing I was there. It sounds like so much fun!
    Maybe that is something to consider for the future? 🙂

  4. Carol, You should have put your name on the video as producer! Great job! Everybody give it up for Carol Bryant!
    Pamela, Respectfully, you’ve have the wrong idea about BlogPaws… My mom works for them and they’re all about helping bloggers of every ilk. They are a social media company, so they’re going to have things like YouTube videos. If it loads slowly for you, you’ll need to wait, as must be the case for you with most YouTube videos. The list with links to all the winners and nominees was posted long ago and remains here: http://awards.blogpaws.com. Carol just put this video together because she thought it would be fun for the community.
    Amy, Anyone can be nominated (or nominate themselves) for a BlogPaws Nose-To-Nose Award, and potentially win, with no consideration whatsoever of where they’re physically located or whether or not they will or have ever attended a BlogPaws conference. Not all winners were present.
    Hope that clears up some stuff! ; )
    Cokie the Cat

  5. The video was awesome and the music was perfect! Thank you to everyone who took the time to put this video together! We are so honored to of been chosen as winner for Best Photo On a Blog and even though we couldn’t attend the awards ceremony everyone went out of their way to make this just as special! Thank you and congratulations again to all the winners! !

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