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Use Facebook To Help Shelter Pets

BlogPaws 2015 Ambassador, Aimee Beltran, posed the question, “how can I help shelter pets?”

The reason for this question is the heartbreaking How-an-Everyday-Facebook-User-Can-Help-Shelter-Pets-Read-on-IrresistiblePets.com_thumbamount of pets who languish in shelters who are in need of loving, forever homes.

She hit upon the idea that everyone who uses Facebook can make a change in the life of a shelter pet.

If you’ve always wondered how you — one person — could make an impact in the life of a pet, you will want to read this post because you can use Facebook to help shelter pets, as she shares!

Share with us how you can make a difference!

(Photo credit: Irresistiblepets.com)

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