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How to Grow A Twitter Following


Post by Carol Bryant

In order to help our BlogPaws Community members grow an online presence, blog, voice, and influence in the pet industry/as a fellow blogger, each month as of January, 2014, we will be issuing a monthly challenge to all members of the Pet Blogger Influencer Group. Perhaps you are a member or perhaps you are new to blogging or just don’t feel like belonging to a group.  Did you ever wonder what ways would help you grow a Twitter following?

One of the things we are hearing over and over from brands is that they want to work with pet bloggers who are influential and have the numbers to back it up. These are the brands who want to then work with you. We also hear from our members that they need tips to help grow an online presence. This is where BlogPaws can help.

In January, we challenged our members raise their Twitter followers by 100 “tweeps” — or followers. And the majority of participants reached it and then some. Amazingly, this happened within a 2-week period of time, since we started the challenge in mid month. We are extremely proud of our devoted bloggers who are upping their game with these challenges. It shows you are committed to your blog, to brands, and to growing your influence as a trusted pet blogger.


In the event you missed the January Twitter, challenge, here are a few of the tips we highlighted, which we encourage you to use and implement to gain at least 100 new Twitter followers:

1. Spend at least a half hour on Twitter two times each week. This is a half hour that you are actually interacting with people and  not just sharing your Blog Posts or re-tweeting others. Actually engage in a conversation. (Join #BlogPawsChat on Tuesday evenings from 8 – 10pm Eastern Time: We do this every Tuesday except the third Tuesday of each month).

2. If someone follows ,you follow them back. Yes you should still check their profile information and see what they are tweeting about, but as long as it is not a spam account – you should follow back.

3. When you get a new follower say hello. Ask them if they have pets. If it is clear from their profile that they have pets ask them to share a picture. People love to share pictures of their pets.

4. Retweet content from other pet sources and not just your own blog content.

5. Share content on twitter that would make you want to engage with it if you saw it going through your twitter feed. Ask yourself is this something that you would click retweet on or join in on the conversation.

Did we miss any Twitter tips to help increase your following? Let us know in the comments below.


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