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Today is National Pit Bull Awareness Day

Onyx-smilingWhat's on your agenda for National Pit Bull Awareness Day? Several of the BlogPaws' Executive Team will be in Littleton, CO attending the Pit Bull Parade!

If you live in or around Littleton, CO, we hope to see you there! Let's support our pitties! Notice how nicely our Onyx smiles in this pic…

As BlogPaws' Teen Ambassador, Miah, writes on her blog, Start-the-Change:

…in honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Day, I wanted to share these facts about temperament:Miah-Onyx-happy-days

American Pit Bull Terrier – 804 tested, 694 passed = passing rate 86.4%
American Staffordshire Terrier – 627 tested, 528 passed = passing rate 84.2%
American Bulldog – 185 tested, 158 passed = passing rate 85.4%
Staffordshire Bull Terrier – 117 tested, 105 passed = passing rate 89.7%

Overall Passing Rate for All Breeds 83.0%
*Information from the American Temperament Test Society

We KNOW there are LOTS of parades and events happening today, in honor of this wonderful breed. Share them here…we want to hear your stories!


Here's a shot of many of the paraders resting in Bega Park along the route. That's Chloe and Miah, with Onyx, front-left. I'm (Tom) behind the camera and Yvonne is just out of the picture to the right, shooting from a different angle.


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  1. Unfortunately, pit bulls have been outlawed in my area here in Ontario. There was a court case that made the headlines when an owner was caught having one. The city authorities seized the dog and it was to be euthanized but fortunately the court ruled that the pit bull could be saved if a new owner in another province can be found. A new owner in Nova Scotia, in the east coast of Canada was willing to take the dog. So even thought the Ontario owner lost her dog, at least it was given a chance to live in a happy home somewhere.

  2. I was at the Best Friends No More Homeless Pets conference on Pit Bull Awareness Day and had the opportunity to hear Ledy Van Kavage talk about her amazing success in changing laws, changing minds and changing perspectives about pit bulls. What an amazing woman! It’s impressive to see how one person could make such a tremendous impact for the animals! I am pretty sure there are recorded webinars and/or workshops Ledy has done available online (and her NMHP session will be posted to the Best Friends website). Go Ledy!

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