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The Week That Was In BlogPaws

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Sometimes when I look back over the blog posts of the past week I wonder, "Where to begin" when it
1231084_10151589393521721_2075786848_n comes to reviewing all that we'd covered. This week saw so much basic, "how do I get readers to my blog" and "how do I keep track of what I'm going to write about" content that it's well worth your time to re-read them all!

Many of the conversations we had on the blog posts carried over into the BlogPaws Community so if you're not a member, it's all the more reason for you to sign up (it's free!) jump into the conversation and see what happens when bloggers get together in a chat forum. 

Here's what happened last week on BlogPaws: 

  • In August we took on the topic of Celebrating Senior Pets and were treated to a guest post this week about Common Senior Dog Diseases — a great checklist if you have a senior pet in your life. 
  • Doesn't it sometimes seem like you go to sleep at night and social media is behaving one way and the next morning the rules have changed? Have you noticed these most recent social media changes that pet bloggers are facing?  
  • Wordless Wednesday took everyone to othe great outdoors. How much time does your pet like to spend out doors? (I know Henrietta prefers to enjoy the outdoors from the indoors!) 
  • Did you know there is one thing you can do that would draw attention and more readers to your pet  blog? Our PR Manager Carol Bryant give us tells us all about it. 
  • On Friday we wrapped up the week with a post I'd written, based on a question I'd asked in the Community about whether pet bloggers use editorial calendars and whether they use paper or electronic means to write their calendars down. Lively discussion ensued! 

The week ahead is certain to be filled with topics that pet bloggers can use to enhance their blogs, make a difference in the pet world and draw readers to their social media pages. Don't forget we continue to celebrate International Pet Blogger Month and are hosting a photo contest of your pet undertaking his or her social media tasks! 

(Photo from BlogPaws Facebook page cattleaussies.blogspot.com — with Cattle Aussies Corner)

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