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January Blogging Prompts

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

new year The new year is here and it’s time to set your resolutions, or goals, or aspirations for the upcoming year. I believe in order to do that though, you need to step back and gauge your successes from 2014. Take some time to do that today.

Now onto your January blogging prompts that I hope will inspire your blogging creativity and your blogging efforts this new year:

  1. Write a “year that was” post. Do a wrap up of your favorite blogs from the past 12 months.
  2. Write a “these are my wishes and goals for the new year” post.
  3. January is Adopt a Rescued Bird month. Do you know anyone who’s done that? Put a call out on social media, interview them and blog about it.
  4. January is Get Organized Month. Blog about your organizational skills, or lack thereof. Blog about how to get organized. Take a before and after picture of your desk and post those with your getting organized post.
  5. January is National Mentoring Month. If you read the post that Yvonne DiVita wrote yesterday she mentions seeking out a mentor. Ask a colleague or trusted pet blogger to be an accountability partner with you. Look for a blogger you admire and ask him or her if they’d be willing to mentor you.
  6. Blog about changes in pet care that you’ve witnessed. Whether in medicines or treatment or therapies.
  7. January is Train Your Dog Month. Blog about how you trained your dog. Take videos of him or her doing something adorable that you trained him for.
  8. January is National Unchain A Dog Month. Blog about how dogs are part of a family and shouldn’t be left on a chain for hours. Blog about how, if you’re going to chain a dog out of doors, the type of shelter you should provide so that the dog is comfortable. I can tell you from my experiences, we have a husky-lab mix dog and even though it is 20 degrees outside, he is in his glory in this weather. It’s almost impossible to get him to come indoors because this seems to be the only time of year when he isn’t panting his face off! For the brief times he is left outside, he has a house with a warm blanket but he never uses it, he lays outside in the snow.
  9. If you received a new pet during the holidays, blog about how you’re making the transition with the new pet into your household. Offer tips and advice for others who may be getting new pets in the new year.
  10. January is Walk Your Dog Month. Blog about the need for exercise for both you and your pet. You could blog about how it is great for health and how walking, or any kind of exercise, is great for curbing some behaviors — a tired dog is a happy dog!
  11. January 2 is Pet Travel And Safety Day. Blog travel safety tips. Blog tips about pet safety in general.
  12. January 14 is Dress Up Your Pet Day. Now I dress Henrietta up almost every day — especially when it’s cold — but you could blog about whether your pet likes to be dressed up. Blog about the best kind of clothes for various types of pets. Blog about how your pets hate to be dressed up.
  13. Blog about how to network at conferences and seminars. Offer newbies tips on mixing and mingling and how to build relationships with others at a conference, not just hand out a business card and walk away.
  14. January 21 is National Hugging Day. Do a photo based blog featuring people hugging their pets!
  15. Write a how to write a blog post.blogging prompts
  16. January 29 is Seeing Eye Dog Day. Blog about the training that goes into a dog becoming a seeing eye dog. Blog about someone who has a seeing eye dog and share the special bond they have.
  17. Interview someone you admire and blog about it.
  18. Blog about your writing habit: when you write, where you write, how you get your ideas, etc.
  19. Write a blog post about your favorite childhood memory.
  20. Write a, “Here are my thoughts on XYZ topic.”
  21. Blog a how to on something at which you excel.
  22. Get out of the house, the office, where ever you spend most of your waking hours and start snapping some pictures. Use those pictures as the jumping off point for a blog post.
  23. “If I could be anything in the world I would be… (fill in the blank).”
  24. Things my pet loves about me. This could be a top ten.
  25. Conversely, you could blog about things you love about your pet.
  26. Since it’s a new year, what would you do if you could have a “do over” of a portion of your life? This is the time for new beginnings and maybe it’s the time to begin a new job or create one of your own, a do over of your blog or your fitness routine or your writing habits.
  27. A Day In The Life of… You! Let your readers get to know you and what it is you do (from start to finish) in a 24 hour period.
  28. What does success mean to you? Blog about it.
  29. Blog about how you, and others, can get involved in helping at a local animal shelter or rescue. Blog about what it means to foster a pet (from your own experience, or interview someone else).
  30. Choose a “word of the year” for yourself. Many people choose #oneword and focus their business and/or life around that word. If you had to choose a word for yourself this year, what would it be and why?
  31. Because it’s Get Organized Month, blog about how you organize your writing day, how you organize your thoughts for writing a blog post and how you organize your social media tasks around those posts.

If any of these blogging prompts speak to you, let us know. Share your link!

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