How to Create Video Content for Brands on Instagram

If you are familiar with the pet world on Instagram, you have probably come in contact with quite a few animals recommending some of their favorite products.

Sometimes these product reviews–paid, complimentary, or just for fun–can be a little on the dull side: a fake smile aided by the pup, and a label of a big brand placed conveniently front and center. I used to do these kinds of reviews, but I noticed that when I post these kinds of reviews for companies, I get less engagement… and the companies didn’t seem as enthusiastic about working with us.

Here are a few tips on how to create unique video content for brands on Instagram:

How to Create Video Content for Brands on Instagram |

Recently, we started making videos for brands, advertising a wide range of products from human socks, dog boots, dog shampoo, and more. When coming up with ideas for how to make the videos fun, we took three things into consideration: music, visuals, and text.


For music, we needed something trendy or classic, something that somebody would ultimately recognize and smile. But we also needed the music to connect to the product, and it needed to be something the brand would appreciate. One we did for a boot company was a big hit, and comments ranged from, “Genevieve!!! You are cracking me up here!!” and “Snazzy for sure!! You are such a great model.” Not only did Genevieve’s loyal followers enjoy the video, I found that when I took more time to create brand content, more of her followers looked into the product. On that post, she had a comment that read, “Love them. Been looking for some like this. Will check them out.” Make sure you have the rights to use the music, and be sure to give the appropriate, required credit.


You can’t expect to film a grainy video and get good comments. For our video for a sock company, we recreated the infamous scene from Risky Business but used the socks that the company sent us and Genevieve did a doggy slide. We didn’t use any fancy equipment, just a phone to record. But, by drawing parallels to pop culture, we turned something rather dry into something fun. “This is the cutest video lol. Looking good in those snazzy socks!” and “Rock on cutie pie” were some of our favorite comments from this video.


After filming these videos, I realized that the brands weren’t represented to their fullest potential. With iMovie, I included text at the end of the videos that included the company name and our Instagram name in case the company decided to repost. This was a personal preference, but I think the brands appreciated this extra step.

You don’t need to be a cinema photographer to create impressive content. But putting in the effort can lead to forming great relationships between the brand, your followers, and yourself.

Have you tried video content for a sponsored post? What techniques did you use? Or, if not, what questions do you have about creating a unique video for a brand?

Elizabeth Prater is a pet blogger, using her own blog to provide pet reviews and advice to all those who read. Her main platform is on Instagram (@genevieve_the_cute_dog) where she posts photos of Genevieve’s life! You can find occasional videos on their YouTube channel. The dynamic duo has lots of fun off and on camera.

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