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How to increase blog traffic

Drlorieby: Carol Bryant

Who wants their blog to be a traffic magnet? Whether spreading the word about pets in need of forever homes, the latest info about dog food and treats, or whatever topic in the pet world that you deem blog worthy, Lorie A. Huston, DVM, knows the secrets of driving traffic to a blog.

Dr. H plans to cover SEO (search engine optimization) basic and social media to drive traffic to your site plus a few other tips and tricks to increase your numbers. Here's how to learn more:

During her session at BlogPaws 2012, attendees can expect to walk away with an arsenal of info on driving blog traffic and keeping people coming back for more. This is Dr. H's third time to BlogPaws, and we are honored she keeps coming back time and again.

So who is she? In addition to being a veterinarian, she is a heavy hitter on the social media scene, including her blogs, Pet Health Care Gazette and Social Media Savvy Pets.

She has her own website, Lorie Huston

and can be found on Twitter @lorieahuston, on Facebook with the Voice of Pet Care and Social Media Savvy Pets.

She doesn't stop there, she's also on Google + at Lorie Huston, DVM and Social Media Savvy Pets and LinkedIn.

So to say she is a bit of an authority and passionate about what she does would be an understatement. She's has six cats: Rhette, Dillon, Rusty, Merlin, Midge and Lilly and hails from Rhode Island. Meow

On a "last note" (pun intended) Dr. H shares this fun fact:"I played classical piano and cello when I was younger and almost majored in music in college instead of pursuing veterinary medicine."

Sign up for BlogPaws 2012 and say hello to Lorie in person. See you there! Be sure to catch up on the BlogPaws Speaker Series by joining our online community!




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  1. I just discovered Social Media Savvy Pets in the past week and it is simply amazing. I already was following Lorie’s other blog.
    Lorie not only is knowledgeable and brilliant she is super nice to boot! Can’t wait to see her again at BlogPaws 2012!

  2. Is there any relation between SEO and CAT ? After Google Panda and Penguin, may be it’s a CAT’s turn now !

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