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Get Live-Streaming & Recorded Sessions from BlogPaws 2012!

The BlogPaws 2012 Live-Streaming Registration page is OPEN! Two full tracks of the breakout sessions at BlogPaws 2012 will be live-streamed and recorded for later viewing.

And the live-streaming will include the ability to participate in real time via chat and social media!

Check out the video for more info. 

You can see which sessions will be included on our posted Preliminary Agenda (the blue shaded tracks).

Registered in-person attendees will be able to purchase complete access to the recordings through June 21 for $49.

Folks everywhere around the world who are unable to attend in person will have these live/recorded packages to choose from:

  • Friday sessions, Track 2 – $79
  • Friday sessions, Track 4 – $79
  • Friday sessions, Tracks 2 and 4 – $149
  • Saturday sessions, Track 2 – $79
  • Saturday sessions, Track 4 – $79
  • Saturday sessions, Tracks 2 and 4 – $149
  • Complete access to live streamed and recorded sessions (both days, both tracks, until BlogPaws 2013) – $249

So, if you’re attending in person, but just haven’t registered yet, get that done first (here) to take advantage of the Attendee Special price on unlimited access to the live-streamed/recorded sessions.

Attending in person, or not, there’s a package and price for everyone to be able to participate in the BlogPaws 2012 Live-Streaming and Recorded sessions! Register now!

Please tell your friends about it, too.

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  1. Wow! That’s a great deal. I’ll have to add a reminder in my calendar to make sure I get the special price this weekend.

  2. This is wonderful!
    Would it be possible for you to live stream the PetSmart presentation? I will be presenting at that time and would love to see a recorded version at a later time.
    Can’t wait until the conference!

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