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Salt Lake City Here We Come!

411px-Salt_Lake_City_montage_19_July_2011by Aimee Gertsch

As you prepare to visit Salt Lake City for BlogPaws this summer, you might be wondering what it is going to be like!

Here are some little tidbits about SLC to help prepare you for your trip.

Salt Lake City was settled by Mormon pioneers who were escaping an extermination order. The state is still known for being predominantly LDS, but not to worry! You can still find plenty of great coffee, tea, and spirits in the city.

Salt Lake City was home to the 2002 winter Olympics, and there are many things that you can visit if you are interested in Olympic history.

One downtown attraction that is always a hit in the summer is the Olympic Legacy Plaza at The Gateway.

Utah is home to 5 National Parks, and the largest dinosaur display in the world. If you are interested in seeing animals, the Hogle Zoo isn't far from the BlogPaws hotel, and The Living Planet Aquarium is a great place to visit, with a very special sea turtle and some of the cutest penguins!

Salt Lake City sits at about 4300 feet above sea level, and the average temperature for June is between 61-82 degrees. It's dry here too, so be sure to pack your lotion!

For more information and ideas for things to do outside of the conference, be sure to check out the Visit Salt Lake City website. And if you have any specific questions feel free to tweet them out to me, your "Paws on the Ground" and I will do my best to answer them for you!

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