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Can You Hear Me Now? Getting People To Your Pet Blog

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

I wrote a while ago about how sometimes social media can feel like you're shouting into a crowded
Picture1 room. At times I worry my efforts are akin to holding a whispered conversation on the middle of the Wall Street Stock Exchange floor — no one is getting heard in that cacophony, am I right? 

Still, you want to believe that when you hit publish on your blog posts that someone, somewhere is reading, don't you? Of course you do! What pet blogger doesn't?

Here are some steps to take to make hitting publish less of a wonder whether your words will be read, commented on or even shared! 

  1. Write a mission statement. Hold the groans. If you're looking at your pet blog as a viable, long term project shouldn't you know what the mission is? Do you have a vision for the blog? Do you hope to impart all of your hard-earned knowledge about Poodles to the rest of the world? I would say that would be my desire, but let's face it, Henrietta rules the roost and all I've learned are her not so subtle signals to meet her every need! One of is surely trained! Back on topic though, take a few days to truly craft a mission statement for your blog. What your ultimate dreams are. What you hope to accompish long term. Who you want to read. Whether you want to make money, etc. Your mission statement is as unique as you are, which leads us to #2. 
  2. Be true to your own voice and writing style. If you're a bubbly personality, let it shine through. Snark-filled? Sprinkle that throughout. Expert at interviewing experts? Sign them up and get interviewing. Look at the blogs that you regularly read with a more critical eye — why do you read them? Is it the information they impart? The personality of the blogger? Both? 
  3. Write, write, write. I can't stress it enough. The more you write the more reason people have to come to your blog. The more you write, the better you will become. It's a win-win. 
  4. Have a conversation with your readers. Draw them in and solicit questions, comments, dialogue. Readers are the lifeblood of your pet blog and if they write and you answer, you're well on your way to gaining a raving fan! 
  5. Don't write in a bubble. Get out there on the internet and read the blogs of others. Delve into what you love (and don't love) about their blog posts. Connect with influential bloggers. Join a pet blogging community. Be a part of the action. 

What can you to to be found? To be heard above the din of the myriad blogs on the internet? I'd love to hear from you! 

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  1. As writers new to the pet blogging world, we really appreciated these tips and suggestions. The BlogPaws community blog hops have been fantastic resources so far for connecting with and learning about other blogs out there.

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