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Pet Parents are Diversifying, Are You?

Blogpawsdcby: Carol Bryant

The pet market includes more than dogs and cats, and BlogPaws has long known this. If your pet wiggles, swims, chirps, slithers, scurries, scampers, meows, barks, or otherwise: BlogPaws embraces you.

The definition of "pet parent" has evolved in recent years as well.

“Pet parents today have hundreds of decisions to make and thousands of
resources to consult for advice,” states Rose Hamilton, Pet360 CMO and
General Manager.

BlogPaws embraces today's pet parent and a recent study from “Pet
Population and Pet Owner Trends in the U.S." is quite revealing. How many of you can relate to these stats and information?

* The American Pet Products Association reports that 62 million households in the United States have a pet. Of that number, there are 78.2 million dogs and about 86.4 million cats sharing their lives with pet parents in the United States.

* Fish tanks are in 7.2 million households.

* Bird lovers, unite: There are about 4.6 million households shared with birds.

* Reptile lover? You aren't alone. There are at least 1.8 million reptiles sharing life with someone in the United States.

Why does all of this matter? The dog blogger and cat blogger are strong holds but there are many
Petfriendlynon-traditional pet bloggers out there. BlogPaws embraces you.

In a recently released study, it is revealed, "Compared to
pet owners who have cats and dogs exclusively,
owners of fish, reptiles and small animals are much more likely to have
children under the age of 18 in their households (57% vs. 34%). " Interesting, isn't it?

Gerbils are heading to the vet, birds are being boarded, and iguanas are the recipient of toys. We have evolved into a multi-species generation, and again, BlogPaws embraces you.

"The spending power of owners of pets other than
cats and dogs has a significant impact on the bottom line of marketers
and retailers of pet products and services", according to David Sprinkle, the
research director for Packaged Facts, the group responsible for the recently released report.

2013In terms of species, BlogPaws would love to know what types of pets you blog about: Dogs? Cats? Rabbits? Something else? Tells us in the comments below. 

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  1. I’m wanting to add an aquarium! We had a 10-gallon for many years but haven’t in a long while. I’m thinking about adding a large tank; I think the dogs and cats would enjoy watching the fish if I can find the right kind of cabinet to make it safe for everyone.

  2. Only adopting a cat or a dog is just not sufficient to prove that we love to have a pet. Some keepers are there those who want to maintain their dignity in the people’s mind that they really love pets. In case of having pets diversity should be maintained. We need to adopt each and every kind of pets. Pets like birds, reptiles, and small animals. The above article shows us the example of people those who have different pets other than cats and dogs.

  3. I’m a feline only household with five cats from 15 to six months. I’ve had fish in the past, and as a kid, I had rabbits and a horse. Mostly I write about cats because I find them so very fascinating.

  4. I’ve been diversified for years. Right now a rabbit, 2 ferrets and 4 parrots share my home along with my dogs and cats.
    It’s great seeing bloggers sharing and educating about living with these special species. They are often shortchanged and made fun of, but they give us as much love as dogs and cats.
    I do have to say though I was disappointed when I visited the Pets360 site to find it was all dog and cat, with the exception of the background. Hopefully, once they see there are many of us who blog about “the other” pets, they’ll include them too.

  5. I’m now not positive where you are getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time finding out much more or working out more. Thank you for excellent information I was looking for this information for my mission.

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