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Why Pet Bloggers Should Embrace PR

Domesticated 663By: Carol Bryant

Bloggers are responsible for doing Public Relations for their blog. Therefore, if we want increased traffic, defining ourselves as PR Managers of our blogs is important. You need not apply the title if the thought of PR drives you batty, but the sooner you embrace that you are in the Public Relations world, the sooner you might be boosting your traffic.

I recently came across a very useful and user-friendly resource dubbed the "Public Cheat Sheet for Social Media" and wanted to share it with the BlogPaws community.

Matt WIlson, a staff writer for Ragan.com, wrote about this resource for PRDaily. He says, "It's debatable whether one should call something a "cheat sheet" if
anyone can access it or add to it, but Reuters Social Media Editor
Anthony De Rosa's public cheat sheet for reporters using social media is unquestionably handy."

The list is broken down in social media avenues, including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more.

Matt broke down his favorite 10 social media "cheats" in a blog post, but BlogPaws is sharing the entirety of the article here. Visit this link for the Public Cheat Sheet for Social Media.

To keep abreast and stay current on Public Relations, you could also add a few PR blogs and sites to your daily RSS or Google Reader feed.

A list of 25 PR blogs was recently outlined by PRWeb.com, and we've got the list available for you here.

Media Bistro has a resource called PR Newser that updates content daily. This is one of my favorite pit stops for PR news in general.

Do you have a spot on your blog that indicates you are "PR Friendly" and what exactly that means? There's no time like the present if you don't. Be sure to include do's and dont's and specific guidelines for what you allow and want pitched your way.

PR can be a valued friend to pet bloggers; it's all a matter of how you embrace it.

Do you have a favorite PR site?

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  1. Thanks for linking to our 25 recommended PR blogs. They provide great advice on best PR practices! Other blogs we would add: Ragan’s PR Daily and MarketingProfs.com. I bet you’re wondering why we added a marketing blog to the PR blogs list – we strongly believe that marketing and PR is converging because of social media and the two disciplines should work together to create a well rounded online strategy. What are your thoughts?

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