Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Snuggle-icious

Bo & Tiff snuggle session courtesy of Denise Brixey.  >^..^<  

Wednesday already? It sure is!

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  1. Thank you, guys! Tiffany and Bo were close. Bo is still mourning Tiffany. The afghan was made for me by my grammy almost 40 years ago. It now belongs to the cats!

  2. I lost Tiffany to the Rainbow Bridge about 3 weeks ago when I was in the hospital. This house is draped in mourning. Thank God we got Mi-Mi just before the princess left. It helps Bo.

  3. Denise, I didnt realize when this photo was chosen that Tiffany had gone to the RB. I’m so sorry! I hope knowing how many people are seeing her picture and appreciating how beautiful she is is comforting in some way..
    Love, Kristin Dewey
    BlogPaws Special Projects Manager
    …and Cokie

  4. Kristin, It is just right! I am so honored to have Princess Tiffany Marie chosen. , of course, love her, but it makes me proud to think that others can find her beautiful, as well. Thank you!

  5. That’s hilarious! This is the first year that Jake has relaly gotten the whole idea of “Santa Evidence”.At our house, Santa likes LF Blueberry Muffins and Jake about flipped out when he saw the muffin wrappers were empty and 7 of the 8 carrots were gone. Santa left a note saying Comet wasn’t hungry so he only ate half of his carrot…

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