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This is the first in our new weekend Q & A feature. We know everyone out there loves their pets, whether Picture1 they woof, meow, slither, hop, squawk… or…. well, you get the picture! Drum roll please! 

This weekend's question: What was your first pet? How did you choose him or her? And what was his or her name? 

We can't wait to hear from our readers! 

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  1. The first pets I really remember were Pixie and Dixie, 2 gerbils. My mom picked them.
    The first pet I chose was my very first dog Whitney. We adopted her from our local shelter. She was the dog I dreamed about as I read every dog book in the library and she was the best first dog ever.

  2. My first pet was a white kitten – I saw some boys throwing something white in the water and having a good laugh…I got closer it was a white kitten – I took it and ran home – Of course, my mother did not want to keep him – she had all kinds of excuses – well he lived 12 years – his name was Pacha and he won her heart over and over.

  3. first pet was snuffy. He was an English Spanial. My mom got him when he was a puppy when I was a baby we grew up together. Was a great guy. He passed when I was 14 years old.

  4. My first pet, after years of begging, was a shepard-collies mix. A dog. She was the light of my young life. I was 12. We went everywhere together. I don’t even remember where we got her – likely a neighbor’s dog had puppies. I worked with her every day and she was the most well-behaved dog I ever had. Rest in peace, Missy!

  5. Aside from various fish, rodents and lizards that I didn’t really bond with, the first pet I remember as mine was a black kitten I named Boo Boo Kitty (hey, I was nine and I really liked “Laverne & Shirley”). He was part of a litter from one of our barn cats and my parents let me keep him, although he did mostly live in the barn as well. From the time I was very small I loved every cat I ever saw, so it was a big deal to have my own cat.

  6. Bless you, MariLyse, for saving that kitten! My first pet as a child was a Dachshund, but he really belonged to my parents. The first pet I had when I lived on my own was a beautiful black cat I adopted from the Humane Society. He was with me for a decade before dying of kidney failure. The feisty feral tortie I took in a few months later as a companion for him lived with me for 23 years before passing away in April.

  7. My first pet was a Collie pup named Titan. We went to pick a puppy out of a litter. They were all so cute it was hard to pick the perfect one, I think I was 7 at the time. I wound up picking the puppy that I accidentally dropped:( He wasn’t hurt but I figured I dropped him, now I have to get him:) He was the best dog and we had him for 15 years!

  8. My first pet was a brown guinea pig with a white blaze on her face that I called Lightning. I have absolutely no recollection of how she came into my life; I must have asked for a pet and my parents thought a guinea pig was among the easiest to care for. She died in the so-called care of a friend who was supposed to look after her when we were away on vacation. I’ve had parakeets and cats since then, but never another guinea pig.

  9. My first pet that I remember having a say in was the family dog our dad and mom let us choose. The only caveat was “no girl dogs” — they were too expensive to get spayed, dad said. We picked out this cute, fluffy black and white “boy” puppy, named him Arrow and all loved him to bits. Took him to his first vet appointment after we’d owned him for two or three weeks and found out Arrow was a girl! It was too late, we were already smitten. She was the first dog I had that I was involved in housebreaking and other dog ownership chores and started my love of pets!

  10. We’ve always had dogs. But the first dog that was considered my dog was a Shetland Sheepdog named Cassie. When I was 10 years old, Cassie was given to my mom by a family who could no longer keep her. Cassie immediately attached herself to me and we became the best of friends. She followed me everywhere, even tried to follow me to school. She was so smart and I was so proud that I was able to teach her so many tricks even though I was young.
    I had Cassie until I was 23 years old. Even though I have had lots of dogs since then, Cassie is still the best dog ever!

  11. I guess my first pet was a Golden Retriever named Kiko. My parents got him about 10 months after I was born. They must have been gluttons for punishment getting a puppy with a 2 and 1 year old in the house.
    My official first pet as an adult was my Aussie mix Linus. We rescued him from the animal shelter several years ago. He’ll turn 8 in a couple months.

  12. Family pet or my own personal pet? My first personal pet was a pair of gerbils named pepper and cinnamon. They were sisters. I don’t remember much about them. I was in kindergarten.
    The pet I first remember ever having was the family cat though. I grew up with Dusty. We’d had her as a kitten. When we moved from New York to Florida, we had to give her up.

  13. I just shared a story about the first pet I remember, Merlin. Our black cat when I was 4 or so. My own personal firs pet was a cat I named Bullet, but called Kiki. In retrospect, as a male cat, maybe he didn’t like that so much. He was an orange tabby who only loved me and as a teenager that was wonderful!

  14. Well, my very first pet was a guinea pig. Everybody knew I had one – he’d eat through all my school books! It’s not the dogs, it’s the guinea pigs who eat homework!

  15. The first pet I lived with was our Boxer named Brandy….I didn’t pick her out because she was there before I was born.
    The first pet(s) that I picked out were when I was about 7 yrs old and they were two small turtles. I named them “Lucas” and “Thisbee” after a song related to the Beatles.
    I wrote a “book” about them for school…it was called “Lucas and Thisbee’s Very Fine Day” lol…I drew pictures to go with it (remember I was about 7 or 8)…I guess that was the first sign I was going to be a blogger lol

  16. My first pet was a black lab named Captain that my parents had before I was born. Unfortunately I don’t remember him. I have been told that he was very protective of me and wouldn’t let me crawl up the stairs. He’d grab me by my diaper and lift me back down. The first pet I do remember was Scruffy, a standard schnauzer. He was a great dog. Very intelligent and also very protective of us.

  17. Sheba the short haired white domestic cat. She showed up at our house when I was … 5 maybe? She was at least a year or two old. She slept on my bed every night. She was tough as nails and would snuggle me when I was sick, but had no sympathy if I was playing sick or crying for no good reason. She didn’t care for my dad but loved music, and would sit under his piano stool when he played piano. ; ) She didn’t care for other pets either, but through her lifetime, she tolerated another cat, a border collie, a rat, a salamander, a dwarf rabbit and a mouse. When she finally died she was at least 20. I still love that cat.

  18. My first pet was a black kitten named Maverick, or nicknamed “Boo” eventually. She was the runt of the litter and the last “free kitten” left outside of a store. I was three years old and really wanted a kitty. My parents were nice enough to let me take her home. She was my first pet and lived for 17 years.

  19. My first pet was a kitten that my mom and I found abandoned in a grocery store parking lot. Not knowing any better, I named him Pussy. Pussy was so tiny and fragile…he didn’t live very long, but I will always remember him.

  20. I didn’t have a ‘first’ pet as such. My Mum had ten cockatoos whom she loved so she decided to get me a bird (a budgie) of my own. I came home with Barney the budgie (who turned out to be a Barbie. It’s a long story!) and Anastasia and Cinderella the gerbils!
    When they had all passed on I had no pets for years then I got the guinea pigs. Well once you go cavy you never look back!!! 😉

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