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Five Ways to Get More Blog Traffic

Labradorby: Carol Bryant

You blogged something: woo hoo! Looking for a way to get comments, promote what your blood, sweat, and (sometimes) tears to the whole world? After all, YOU had something to say, you formulated a post, probably took time to post some images or video and now people need to see it. So you wait.

And not much happens. But your post is great, right? I mean, you shared something worth writing about and people need to reply, engage, and spread the word. In a perfect world, this would happen. In the blogging world, it’s all about what you do after your masterpiece that means as close to perfect as possible. Here’s how:

SEO: Ah, the three little letters that pack so much punch. Every year during the BlogPaws conference, there are many conversations, dialogue, and even seminars about how to do this properly (I know,  I’ve been to all four conferences to date). Search engine optimization is crucial for success, and I’ve recently been schooled on this art by blogger Karen Nichols. Too much to cover here, but search the BlogPaws archives and join our community: We talk about SEO there, too.

Share and interact: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and all those social media networks that are in place for this very reason. If you write it and promote it once, good luck getting eyes on it. Something you wrote on Monday at 10 am may not be seen by someone following you on Twitter at 5 pm Friday. Set up some timed tweets and even better, interact and share. RudyAmy

Network: Be a part of the ever-growing blogosphere that is targeted to your niche. If you are reading this, it probably pertains to pets, right? Then network with BlogPaws community and in our Twitter chats. Come to the conferences, be a part of the ad network, and for more icing on the pet cake: If you reply to other people’s blogs and are a good “tweep,” watch the full circling you will enjoy.

Pin It: I neglected to mention Pinterest on purpose thus far. It deserves its very own category. Recipes and decorating ideas aside (and how addictive are they), Pinterest is making a serious dent in the social media world. According to reports I’ve read recently, though people spend less time per month on Pinterest compared to Facebook, millions of visitors per month to a fairly new social media site is worth your attention. BlogPaws has a Pinterest account; do you?

Write Often and Write Well: Google loves fresh and new content. Their Panda search results ranking algorithm pretty much assures that duplicate content and blogs that are infrequently updated will fall off in search engine results for your particular niche.

What have you done to increase blog traffic? Let us know and how we can help to make it better…

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  1. Great info, Carol. What I noticed you said a couple of times was “interact” and that’s crucial. If someone comments on something you’ve written… thank them, comment back… interact!

  2. Good info and I can say it works. My mom has several sites she manages but mine is the one where we really network and are active and it is amazing what results we get! Even if we are quiet for a few days we see things slow down so staying active everywhere is the best tip ever! Mom is hoping to make it to blog paws next year, we will see. Thanks for posting!

  3. Good information, and I’m going to put some of these tactics to good use right away. CatCentric.org’s first anniversary is coming up and I’d like to use that occasion to really drive up awareness of the site and its accompanying FB, Twitter and Pinterest pages. I’ve been active in online cat forums for years, but need to do more in communities such as BlogPaws and LinkedIn.

  4. Those are some great tips. By the way, the “share and interact” can be very powerful if your content happens to go viral. If you haven’t already I’d consider installing a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache to help keep your server from crashing during a viral moment. Here’s another tip that might help.
    Consider starting an email newsletter. Many people will visit your site only once and then may never come back. However, starting an email newsletter gives you a chance to stay in constant communication with your readers as well as send additional traffic back to your blog or website.

  5. This is fabulous info. I have done many of these things, I also try to follow/comment on as many blogs as I can, if we want comments we have to leave them as well!

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