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Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: How to Make Killer Images in Seconds

You do not need one more thing to do in your day, one more app to clog your mobile device, nor do you have the time for one more, “I can promise you that this blog post will change your life forever” promise, right?  This Wordless Wednesday blog hop is staying true to its intent: Being wordless, as in one app for one intent, to make amazing images.

Photo app for better images

In honor of Wordless Wednesday, let’s make magic happen and combine actionable words with standout images. A picture says a thousand words, but that picture is clickable with the right CTA. A Call to Action is a statement that encourages your readers to take some sort of action. Knowing how to successfully use a CTA can make or break a blog post and/or social media image. Here is the one app I reach for time and again that will improve your photo-editing skills in a snap: Aviary.

Aviary: Android or iOS

Aviary is a mobile photo editing app that gives you dozens of ways to create unique photo effects in a single tap, then share your creations instantly with friends. I reach for this app more than any other app on my iPhone 6 Plus. I don’t need bells and whistles; I just want to get the job done with photo editing. This is a one-stop shop for basics but also powerful enough to sharpen a photo that looks pretty darned impressive as an end result. It literally takes seconds to change your photo. Lots of free tools like drawing on a photo, stickers, and more.

Learn more about Aviary here.

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The Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

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Images:  Iryna Kuznetsova / LDWYTN / Shutterstock

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