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  • BlogPaws 2012 Pet Blogging and Social Media Marketing Conference

    Yahoo News BlogPaws 2012 Readies to Launch… read more


  • Interested in Getting Pinterested?

    By: Carol Bryant “While Pinterest has been chugging along for a while, it’s recently become a freight train,” Caroline Golon, co-founder of BlogPaws recently shared. Wondering what all this pinning is about, why and if you need to do it, and most importantly, can it actually… read more

  • How to increase blog traffic

    by: Carol Bryant Who wants their blog to be a traffic magnet? Whether spreading the word about pets in need of forever homes, the latest info about dog food and treats, or whatever topic in the pet world that you deem blog worthy, Lorie A. Huston,… read more

  • FAQs about BlogPaws: What you need to know

    by: Carol Bryant With under one month to go before BlogPaws 2012 takes flight in Salt Lake City, we’d like to announce the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve been receiving at the BlogPaws offices. Wondering what to wear? What the policy… read more

  • Wendy Diamond to sparkle at BlogPaws

    By Carol Bryant Some people sparkle with such an aura and give back to the pet world so much, what a joy it is when paths cross and one gets to meet them. In our BlogPaws Speaker Series, we’ve been introducing you to our BlogPaws featured… read more

  • What do BlogPaws and Betty White have in common?

    by: Carol Bryant They both love animals and will be in New York City this week for the Betty White Friars Club Roast. I grew up watching roasts on television to the likes and clinks of the champagne flutes. Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Sammy Davis Jr.,… read more

  • 50 Things to Write About After BlogPaws

    by: Carol Bryant You have the ticket booked, the reservations are made, and you are about to attend one of the most powerful social media conferences in the nation for pet bloggers, writers, brands, microbloggers, and more. You want to be able to bring something back… read more

  • BlogPaws Goes Live Stream to The World: Open Invitation

    BlogPaws 2012 is weeks away! Can’t make it person or is Salt Lake City outside your budget? Many of the live sessions will be live streamed (think sitting at your computer, watching right along with everyone at the conference), and you can live chat as we… read more


  • Anipal Times

    Coverage in the Anipal Times Nose to Nose BlogPaws Pet Blogging Awards… read more


  • Samson Media

    BlogPaws to LiveStream 2012 Samson Media Announces BlogPaws News… read more