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50 Things to Write About After BlogPaws

101_2639by: Carol Bryant

You have the ticket booked, the reservations are made, and you are about to attend one of the most powerful social media conferences in the nation for pet bloggers, writers, brands, microbloggers, and more. You want to be able to bring something back to your readers, but not sure what, where to start, and what would be interesting to your readers. As any good blogger/reporter knows, preparation is key (even if you aren't attending and/or are live streaming with us, these are handy writing prompts).

The fourth annual BlogPaws conference is taking place June 21 – June 23, 2012, in Salt Lake City, Utah. About 500 pet bloggers, brands, journalists, writers, industry experts, (and many of them bringing their pets) will be in Salt Lake City in, many for a week or more. While you are listening to seminars, learning, talking to brands, and networking, keep a tablet handy and jot down ideas for blog posts.

This list is printable, so if you are like me and think “I have to remember to write this once I get home,” but then can’t recall that “a-ha” moment, here are 50 ideas for blog posts:

1. Take a picture of an educational slide that interests you and form a blog post around it

2. Give your readers a behind-the-scenes look at a brand after meeting them at their table

3. Interview a fellow blogger for a Q&A series

4. Make a video slideshow blog post of the BlogPaws experience

5. Summarize what you learned in an educational session

6. Talk to a brand about supporting your favorite shelter and blog about it

7. Make a list of useful resources and links gained at BlogPaws

8. Write a tutorial (step by step) based on something you learned

9.  Make a Top 10 list of favorite moments

10.  Write about a product(s) from your swag bag Domesticated 797

11.  Interview a variety of pets that attend the event

12.  Pay it Forward and share links about pet rescue groups you met

13.  Ask a fellow blogger if they’d like to guest post on your blog

14.  Share a video “how to” from BlogPaws on a hot topic

15.  Have a contest and give a favorite product away

16.  Ask readers to submit questions and answer them thoughtfully in a new blog post

17.  Write a tutorial from the something learned at BlogPaws, pass it on

18.  Do a series of posts on a related topic (ex: 5 favorite products found at BlogPaws, 5 ways to help dogs learned at BlogPaws, 10 things overheard at BlogPaws, etc)

19.  Share the Salt Lake City experience and where you went, what you saw

20.  Tout your experience at BlogPaws (not sure what Tout is? Attend the session in Utah)

21.  Impart Facebook and Twitter tips to your readers (we’re all on social media these days)

22.  Share your favorite Facebook, blog, or twitter pages from the experience

23.  Write a do’s and don’t list based on something learned (ex: do’s for visiting the vets versus don’ts)

24.  Trends and products to watch for

25.  Ask your readers (pre-BlogPaws) what they most want to know from brands, find out, and write about it

26.  Approach people whose online presence you presently enjoy and interview them

27.  Create an infographic from stats learned at the conference

28.  Find out what new products the brands have coming out and write the scoop

29.  Do an inspirational post from BlogPaws – everyone loves feel good stories

Domesticated 35230.  Share an exclusive with your readers from something learned at BlogPaws

31.  Make a video based on what you learn in the video master class with Animal Planet’s "Hero Dogs of 9/11,” producer, Kenn Bell

32.  Blog about the Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogger Award winners

33.  Bringing a pet? Have them review a product AT BlogPaws. (or ask someone if you can “borrow” their pet for a review in person.)

34.  Review a book you found out about at BlogPaws (and get inspired to write your own)

35.  Show don’t tell: Do a wordless post complete with pictures and/or video from BlogPaws

36.  Highlight a favorite speaker’s session and tell readers what you learned

37.  Give a face to a company: Interview a favorite brand, get their permission, and post about it

38.  Take readers with you on the journey: From airport to hotel to sessions and back home

39.  Celbri-dogs you met at BlogPaws

40.  Create a beginners guide to something you learned at BlogPaws

41.  Compile a list of resources for your readers from info gained at BlogPaws

42.  Write about how NOT to do something based on a session or seminar info

43.  Do an FAQ (frequently asked questions) about a topic and get them answered at BlogPaws; then write about it (FAQ about how to rescue a pet, FAQ about Facebook, FAQ about dog treats)

44.  How readers can take actionable steps to help rescues from info gained at BlogPaws

45.  Think of questions you have now, get them answered at BlogPaws sessions, then share that info in a blog post (or series of) with your readers

46.  Do a product synopsis post: Categories of products discovered at BlogPaws

47.  Leave your comfort zone: Do a podcast, a youtube video, a video interview, or anything you’ve always wanted to do but never have

48.  Create a list of freebies for your readers (ebooks, links, offers, etc)

49.  What is one of the biggest problems/concerns your readers face? Get it answered at BlogPaws

50.  Get ideas for posts from some of the many 2011 BlogPaws reports


Pricing here: BlogPaws Online Experience and Live Streaming


More about BlogPaws and to register for in-person: BlogPaws 2012 registration

Everyone can be there, so come join us virtually and/or in paw-son!

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  1. I’ve been to so many conferences and expos over the years and never learned as much as I have at BlogPaws; I love having prompts with me to jot ideas down like this, so thanks for your comments, Caren!

  2. Carol, this should be a MUST HAVE for everyone attending BlogPaws so they can make the most of it. You rock!

  3. This is so awesome, Carol!! You’ve sparked a ton of ideas for me. Thanks, and I can’t wait to catch up at BlogPaws!

  4. See you all there; I know when I go to conferences I think “oooh, I need to write about this or that” and I come home and go “now what was I supposed to write about.” I am eternally jotting these prompts down. Enjoy 😉

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