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Want to Borrow or Share Notes from BlogPaws 2011?

BlogPaws 2011 Opening Keynote: RescueInk Not even Hurricane Irene could stop the BlogPaws’ Pet Bloggers from having a fabulous time this past weekend at BlogPaws 2011, the 3rd pet blogging and social media conference. And, while the conference may have come to an end, the chatter continues! 

Please share your blog posts about all things BlogPaws 2011 and check out what everyone else is saying.


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  1. Very cool idea! I will check out the postings as I am very interested in people’s thoughts on some of the sessions Daddy Kiril would have gone to if he’d been able to attend.

  2. This is such a great idea, so we can see the posts from those who were there and learn more, especially from each person’s perspective and the links they share in their posts…I still haven’t unpacked or gone through the cards I collected but this linky sure makes it easy to keep up with related posts!

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