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Announcing the BlogPaws “Nose-to-Nose” Social Media Pet Blogging Awards 2012!

Nomination ImageThat's right, BlogPaws, the first online pet community to establish an offline social media marketing conference bringing together brands and bloggers, announces the BlogPaws “Nose-to-Nose” Social Media Pet Blogging Awards, 2012!

This is the only awards program where pet bloggers (and pet people who “microblog” on Twitter and Facebook) are being judged by a panel of distinguished professionals on their expertise, creativity, and performance in one or more of 12 categories. Best of all, The BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards are not a popularity contest!

Nominations are open April 23, 2012 – now! – and close May 6th at 11:59pm MT. Bloggers may nominate themselves or another pet blogger or microblogger in the following categories:

  1. Best Blog Design: judged on overall design elements of the blog homepage/landing page.
  2. Best Blog Writing: judged on overall writing skill – is the message clear to the reader?
  3. Best Humor Blog: judged on overall sense of humor – does it make us laugh?
  4. Best Bark Blog: judged on the content as it applies to dogs and dog parents.
  5. Best Meow Blog: judged on the content as it applies to cats and cat parents.
  6. Best Wiggle Blog: judged on focus of blog toward non-traditional pets (i.e. ferrets, guinea pigs, chickens, etc).
  7. Best New Blog: less than one year old, with good content and engagement.
  8. Best Cause Blog: judged on message, purpose and results as demonstrated on the blog.
  9. Best Video on a Blog: judged independently (one video per blog); is it well done, focused, creative and purposeful?
  10. Best Photo on a Blog: judged independently (one photo per blog); is it well done, focused, creative and purposeful?
  11. Best Facebook Design: judged on overall design of Facebook header and use of special Facebook page features.
  12. Best Twitter Design: judged on overall design elements for Twitter profile background. 

Finalists will be announced on or about May 15th and the winners will be awarded during an awards ceremony on Saturday, June 23rd at BlogPaws 2012. It will be an event you won't want to miss! You are not required to be present to win, but we do encourage it. For anyone who can't make it, the ceremony will be live streamed for free for all to watch. 

Click here to enter and please read the BlogPaws Official Rules and Regulations.

Good luck! 




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  1. It could just be me, but could you resize the nomination form? I had to downsize it to 75% to be able to see the submit button. Which meant the info squares were about a 32th of an inch tall!(maybe if it was just “sizable” up at the top of it’s page?)
    Also for folks that don’t know to find urls of blogs they are nominating,could you include an FYI of how to do that?

  2. I had no trouble viewing the nomination form at all…and no trouble filling it out…..Ruth maybe it is something with your computer….
    the url’s are always located at the very top of the screen in the white search box area, they begin www. or http. (search box isn’t the proper terminology but it is in the middle of the screen at the top of the page

  3. Hey everyone,
    If you’ve had any trouble with the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Award nomination forms, I think I’ve adjusted them now (by enabling both resizing and scrollbars), so they should be accessible regardless of your browser or monitor settings.
    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  4. Great contest – can someone please clarify – since this is based on a panel of judges, do we still need to campaign to get our blog nominated like past contests to be a finalist, or is one nomination enough for you to qualify to become a finalist?
    Thank you!

  5. The nomination is enough to qualify you, Deb.
    No campaign needed, no asking for votes, no need. Candidates are nominated, like the Oscars for example, and then a panel of esteemed judges (like the Oscars) will select the winners based on specifically outlined criteria for them. Good luck!

  6. I was planning to do many nominations, but found that I had to find the email address for all the nominees… Easier said than done! Many popular bloggers use contact forms instead of making their email address public. I hope others who have more time can dig through and find the emails for all those they want to nominate.

  7. Ty for the feedback, Tegan. Here at BlogPaws we recommend people have available contact information on their blogs (email)so folks like you can connect and contact them as well as for nominations like this.

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