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  • Resources to Teach Yourself Google Analytics (in One Weekend!)

    Resources to Teach Yourself Google Analytics

    Does the thought of digging into your Google Analytics make you shudder? Do you glance at those graphs, percentages, secondary dimensions, conversions and think, “Wait, what?” I’ll admit: That dashboard looks daunting. There’s a lot going on, and every time you click something, it all changes.… read more


  • 9 Bloggers NOT in the Pet Space YOU Should Know About

    Blogging Eyeballs

    Post by Yvonne DiVita, BlogPaws Co-founder I’ve been doing this “blogging thing” for a long time. Yes, a long time. Maybe even more than 10 years. Okay, definitely more than 10 years. Over that span of time, I’ve come to know and know of some outstanding… read more


  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Wakey Wakey

    sleeping dogs

    Wakey wakey: Time for the BlogPaws blog hop for Wordless Wednesday. Meet Mercy and Phoebe, who are BlogPaws Community members. Want to see your photo and profile featured here? All images in the BlogPaws Community are eligible for the sweet spot here on Wordless Wednesday blog… read more


  • 40 Best Hardware Retail Blogs of 2014

    The hardware retail industry involves a wide array of products, from spray-foam insulation and miter saws to small kitchen appliances and decorative candles. The National Hardware Show is the best place to source these myriad products, with an opportunity each May to see the latest and… read more


  • How to get creative with social media

    Being creative with social media and using the imagination to transcend that creativity can be a challenging task, for the most experienced and beginning blogger. The Tiniest Tiger and Dogtipper know how to meet that challenge…and then some. Both ladies have a tremendous following and will… read more


  • BlogPaws Master Class Video Workshop with Kenn Bell

    by: Carol Bryant Join Kenn Bell, Creator/Executive Producer of the website and video series, Dog Files, and the Animal Planet Special, Hero Dogs Of 9/11, for a three hour masterclass in planning, filming and editing emotionally compelling videos that will captivate your audience. This takes place… read more

  • A Cynical Girl on Monetizing a Blog

    by: Carol Bryant Monetizing your blog and taking it to the next level of doing so: Those are the key points of Laurie Ruettiman. Laurie is a self-described Social Media Strategist, Human Resources Chick, Formidable Career Blogger, Cat Lady, and Pixie of the Apocalypse. And BlogPaws… read more

  • Facebook Tips and Tricks

    by: Carol Bryant Facebook: One word says it all. With all of the changes, updates, timeline changes, and things that are happening on Facebook, how can someone possibly keep up? Donna DeClemente knows. Donna loves BlogPaws so much, she's making her fourth appearance at the yearly… read more

  • Shout about Tout at BlogPaws

    By: Carol Bryant Tout is a social media platform that allows users to shoot 15-second video status updates via smartphones and webcams. It is also catching on like wildfire and BlogPaws has the inside track on how to use Tout, what features can rock your blog… read more

  • How to cash in on blog content

    by: Carol Bryant Who wants to cash in on their content and make money? In these economic times (heck, and always for that matter), we need to support ourselves, earn an income, and be able to pay the bills while affording our pets and ourselves a… read more