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How to get creative with social media

Dogtipper1Being creative with social media and using the imagination to transcend that creativity can be a challenging task, for the most experienced and beginning blogger.

The Tiniest Tiger and Dogtipper know how to meet that challenge…and then some. Both ladies have a tremendous following and will be sharing their knowledge at BlogPaws 2012 in Salt Lake City. What can attendees to their session on "Getting Creative with Social Media" hope to learn?

Paris, who is the guru of Dogtipper, shares with us, "Social media is a great way to reach an audience and, by thinking creatively, bloggers and pet businesses can grow their reach quickly and inexpensively. As part of EventBarkers.com, I’ve co-hosted Twitter parties for many pet companies. Not only has it helped to raise awareness for the companies and for our own @DogTipper and @CatTipper accounts, it has also been a lot of fun and a great way to get to know our readers!" Dogtipperparis

Joanne, the meow-tastic visionary behind The Tiniest Tiger with her muse, Gracey, tells us, "After the session, I hope people walk away listening to their own voice and acting on their own instinct in everything they write.  I plan to talk about the creation of the Red Carpet Cat Event as an example of a unique signature event."

Both ladies have grown their blogs tremendously, and they each are veterans to BlogPaws conferences. "I love the friendly atmosphere at BlogPaws! The conference is a great opportunity for networking with both bloggers and brand representatives. I’ve also made so many friends at BlogPaws; it’s hard to believe that before the first BlogPaws I knew hardly anyone in the pet community," Paris said.

Joanne1Joanne will be in Nambia this summer for her work with the Cheetah Conservation Fund, and was also in Kenya in ther summer of 2011 dismantling poacher snares with African Conservation Centre Scouts. Now that's a tiny tiger with a big roar!

Pet Alert:

Paris has her husband, (and DogTipper and CatTipper co-publisher) John Bigley, have two dogs, Irie and Tiki, and four cats, Felix, Linus, Coco, and Inca.Joanne is mom to Gracey, aka The Tiniest Tiger, a domestic short hair cat.


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JoannegraceyCome to Salt Lake City, meet Joanne and Paris, and join in the fabulous 3-day event:  BlogPaws 2012

Catch up on our BlogPaws Speaker Series in the BlogPaws Community.

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