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  • The New BlogPaws Social Learning Community is Here!

    Announcing the New BlogPaws Social Learning Community! The time has finally come to unveil the new BlogPaws Social Learning Community! We’ve been hard at work for months turning this long-term vision into a reality. Today is the day. The new Social Learning Community is open and ready… read more


  • 3 Reasons Why Every Blogger Needs a Community + VIP Announcement!

    Why every blogger needs a community

    Earlier this summer we announced that we were building a new Social Learning Community. Let me just say that it has been one busy summer as we’ve been working behind the scenes to launch this new platform to you, our community members! The official launch will… read more


  • 3 Reasons Your Blog Will Succeed

    3 Reasons Your Blog Will Succeed FB

    If you spend as much time as I do looking for fresh ideas for your blog, you’ve probably noticed the negative trend swirling around social. Bloggers who blog about blogging (say that five times fast) have latched onto scare tactics to get you to click on that… read more


  • BlogPaws Community Brings Pet Bloggers Together


    Community sweet community. A combination of like-minded and diverse bloggers is what composes the BlogPaws Community. The BlogPaws Community is for conversation, sharing, and learning. This isn’t a pitch but a bit of a homework assignment. “I want to grow my blog.” “I am so sick… read more


  • Wordless Wednesday: 50 Paws (Days) Til BlogPaws

    cute dog

    Can you believe it is just 50 days from today that the BlogPaws Conference will be taking place? Bow wow and meow wow wowza! Looks like Ruby is all paws up, as her dog mom, and BlogPaws Community Member, Lara Elizabeth, shares this cute pooch with… read more

  • How to Maximize Your Blogging Education

    BlogPaws Education

    by: Carol Bryant Education. a :  the action or process of educating or of being educated; also :  a stage of such a process or b :  the knowledge and development resulting from an educational process. These are two of the formal definitions applied to the… read more


  • BlogPaws Week in Review


    Time for a weekly recap of all the news that’s fit to paw-rint but that you might have missed in the BlogPaws Community and on the blog this week. I, for one, am still taking Christmas decorations down, so these weekly updates help me see what… read more


  • You Know You’re A Pet Blogger When…

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess I recently asked the question in the BlogPaws Community Writers Group of, "When did you know you wanted to be (or were) a writer?" We've had some lively conversation and it's been great knowing when the bloggers in our pet-loving… read more

  • #heypets Are You Ready for BlogPaws? Wordless Wednesday

    This little furry friend submitted by one of BlogPaws own resident photographers Allen Pearson and wants to know if you are all ready for the conference yet! Whether you will be able to make it to the conference or not this year come and hang out… read more

  • Action: Pet Bloggers Work To Raise Awareness For Rescues

    By Chloe DiVita   Pet Peeps image courtesy of Boris Kitty The pet blogosphere is a big place with a close knit community of communities. There are many communities for pets and many of us belong to several of them. One thing that holds true across… read more