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BlogPaws Community Brings Pet Bloggers Together


Community sweet community. A combination of like-minded and diverse bloggers is what composes the BlogPaws Community. The BlogPaws Community is for conversation, sharing, and learning. This isn’t a pitch but a bit of a homework assignment.

“I want to grow my blog.”

“I am so sick of Facebook not showing all my posts to people. Where can I learn more and what to do?”

“Where can I ask pet blogging and pet lifestyle questions?

All of the above is found in the BlogPaws Community. Whatever level of blogger and/or microblogger you are, now’s a great half-way point in the year to get started.

If you are a member, please revisit us and jump in. If not, we are halfway through the year, now’s the time.

Take a peek at the FAQ’s as well, which explains the difference between our pet bloggers/microbloggers and pet industry guests: http://blogp.ws/faqCMTY

Here are some things you can do to get started in the BlogPaws Community.


(1) Engage with the BlogPaws Community

Here are three tutorials lead by yours truly for a combined total of 15 minutes, to teach you the lay of the land and how to get around (easy peasy, by the way):

BlogPaws Community Training Video #1: Getting Started in the BlogPaws Community

BlogPaws Community Training Video #2: Discussion groups, Forums, Networking and Connections, Photos and Videos.

BlogPaws Community Training Video #3: Chat Feature, Pet Blogger Network, & Community Events

(2)Sign Up for the BlogPaws E-Newsletter

Stay current on pet topics, news, health information, be the change for pets, and more by getting this e-newsletter delivered to your inbox. We never sell or give away emails. Sign up on the BlogPaws homepage.

(3)Follow the BlogPaws Blog

Got a favorite blog reader? BlogLovin, perhaps? Put BlogPaws.com in one of the must-visit blogs you ready daily.


(4)Come to the BlogPaws Yearly Conference

Bloggers and micro-bloggers are encouraged to attend the BlogPaws pet-friendly 3-day life changing conference: Register for BlogPaws 2015 here.

 You can get a taste of what happens at BlogPaws Conferences with this paw-tastic video showcasing our latest conference: Here’s What BlogPaws Conferences Are All About!

 (5) Follow us on Social Media (all links are clickable)

BlogPaws on Facebook

BlogPaws on Twitter

BlogPaws on Pinterest

BlogPaws on YouTube

BlogPaws on Instagram

(6) Come to Twitter Chats

We have three-times-a-month Tuesday night Twitter chats from 8 to 10 pm EST, so we encourage you to connect there and grow your own following. Follow hashtag #BlogPawsChat.

press conference

 (7) Pick a Few Groups

Join a few groups in the community and get your feet wet or strike up a conversation to something that’s weighing on your pet blogging/pet lifestyle mind.

Please familiarize yourself with our Community Guidelines and see you there! http://blogp.ws/Pfg5AX.


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