Action: Pet Bloggers Work To Raise Awareness For Rescues

By Chloe DiVita


Pet Peeps

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The pet blogosphere is a big place with a close knit community of communities. There are many communities for pets and many of us belong to several of them. One thing that holds true across all communities is a cause near and dear to all of our hearts, pet welfare. I do not know a single person who does not feel pet welfare is a serious topic and wants to advocate positive change for it. That could mean hands on volunteering, donating money or goods, spreading the word, sharing what others are doing and many other things.

 Through April 10th there is a campaign going on with several pet bloggers who are being supported by a new online site called Sweet Relish. The bloggers are working hard to raise funds for their chosen rescue while they also promote one of the rescues adoptable dogs. Really it's about promoting all of the rescues adoptable dogs and keeping all paws crossed that we can help get the rescue and the dogs some needed attention.

Sweet RelishPlease take a moment and visit the blogs to see what they have to say about Sweet Relish, about their rescue and about what types of things a potential adopter should have on hand when adopting a dog. Those things are different depending on what type of rescue is being supported by the blogger. A Greyhound has different needs than a King Charles Cavalier, but they all need a forever home.

Nikki Knows Pets supporting Start Over Rover

Keep the Tail Wagging supporting Motley Zoo

Doggies and Stuff supporting Southside Animal Shelter

Whirlwind of Suprises supporting ASPCA Adoption Center NY

Two Little Cavaliers supporting Cavalier Rescue USA

Woof Woof Mama supporting Have a Heart

Fidose of Reality supporting Lifes Little Paws

Snotface & Twiggy supporting Colorado Greyhound Adoption

How can you help? Visit a blog, learn about Sweet Relish and sign up for an account. Sweet Relish is donating $1 to each blogger's rescue for every sign up that blogger gets on Sweet Relish. All sign ups through April 10th will be raising money for rescues.

This is a sponsored post to help spread the word about Sweet Relish and raise money for rescues.

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