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Cat Delete Your Files?

Guest post by Caroline Golon

Picture1When was the last time you backed up the data on your computer? If you’re like me…it’s probably been a while. And when you did back it up, exactly where did you save your files? I saved mine on my external hard drive. But, I’ve recently learned, that’s not enough.

If my computer crashed today, I’d be toast.  First of all, there’s the last month of data I haven’t saved and second, external hard drives aren’t enough protection. They can crash, too. In fact, mine recently did. If I hadn’t rushed out to buy a new one, I would have been extremely vulnerable to losing my data.

As bloggers, human parents, pet parents, grandparents, artists, writers, musicians and so much more, there are just too many wonderful documents, photos, videos and other files on our computers to not take diligent steps to protect them.

I’m going to personally take a pledge that, starting today, I will back up my data frequently, in several places.

There are a few companies that will securely back up your data for you, automatically, and store it online. Surdoc.com is one of those companies.

And, Surdoc understands pet people – especially cat people. As cat owners themselves, the SurDoc folks know that cats and computers and data aren’t a great mix. Many a cat has been blamed for deleted files and crashed systems.

So, Surdoc.com has offered the awesome tips below for cat proofing your computer. AND, if you’re in the market for an easy online back up, consider Surdoc – where they’re offering BlogPaws readers a free 30GB storage, using with the code, CATPROOF. 

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  1. Thanks for these tips! I almost lost most of my data awhile back, but fortunately the technician was able to restore all of it. Where can I get the Pawsense program? Is it readily available anywhere?

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