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Global Cat Rescue Week at Romeo’s

Kodak-sponsors-BlogPaws-Caroline BlogPaws' Co-Founder Caroline Golon is a contributor to the ever popular blog, Romeo the Cat + Pugsley, where Romeo shares his likes, dislikes, musings and more. Sometimes Pugsley chimes in but mostly… it's Romeo (Caroline contributes by typing while Romeo dictates…)

This week, Romeo and Caroline are focused on Rescue Cats. The announcement on the blog last week is one worth sharing – but, I really believe you should read it for yourself, on Romeo's blog:GLOBAL CAT RESCUE WEEK.

Note – you can have YOUR RESCUE CAT showcased by joining in…

just contact Romeo's staff (that would be Caroline) and follow the directions on the blog…She has all the details here.

I'm trying to decide if I want to include our Grumpy Old Lady… the Queen Bee here, Wabby Wibby (which as everyone knows is short for 'baby kitty'… you all get that, right?)… She is a rescue cat. She rescued ME 19 years ago. OMG!

Today, she continues her rescue efforts by giving the dogs the evil The-Romeo-boy eye whenever they get up on the bed, always careful to shoot me one of her, "Do you want me to handle this?" looks. If she believes I have said yes, she… hisses and bats at them. And they continue to sniff her butt. Occasionally, Emily will pull back sharply and turn to give me HER best, "Why is she doing that? I'm just being friendly," look.

Oh yes… The Grumpy Old Lady is intent on rescuing me from those rascally dogs.

Meanwhile, here is one of MY favorite pics of Romeo… looking ever so much like the Grumpy Old Lady, but in orange.Global Cat Rescue Week… it's here. Join in!

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