BlogPaws’ Daily News Bite: Craft Your Pet Blog Pitch

Wendy Toth, Director of Content for Pet360 offered this tip for our Daily News Bite to bloggers wanting to pitch a guest post or series to an editor.

shutterstock_84029995She says, “I’ve gotten a lot of pitches over the years from bloggers I’ve never met, wanting to jump right in and contribute a weekly freelance column to the site. This is true of many editors I’m friends with as well, from publications all over the country. For an editor who has never worked with a new writer before, even on one story, this is like getting proposed to on the first date!”

What’s a blogger to do? Wendy’s advice: “I’d love to let bloggers who are also pursuing freelance journalism know that the best way to pitch an editor is with a few (single article/ slideshow/ or video) ideas that are targeted to existing site sections. Even if the editor doesn’t choose one of those ideas, doing thoughtful research on the publication before pitching can sometimes be enough to land you an assignment. A few assignments down the road, and you might just get that weekly gig in the end!”

How polished is your blogging pitch? How will you craft your pet blog pitch?

(Photo Shutterstock Cat Graduation)

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