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Analytics and Blogging: We’ve Got Your Number

Robinaf2by: Carol Bryant

We blog, write, SEO optimize, check for errors, hyperlink, pin it, share it and tweet it. So how can we analyze our blogs? Sam Moore and Robin A.F. Olson plan to show us exactly how to do so and with confidence.

Sam and Robin are spearheading a session at BlogPaws 2012 Conference in Salt Lake City with a special session called "Analytics: We’ve Got Your Number!" Here's the scoop…

According to Robin, analytics is a great tool to use for building an audience. You can watch what content drives traffic, where your traffic comes from, something about what your audience's demographics are likely to look like and how your various web presences (Facebook page, YouTube channel, blog, Twitter feed) feed traffic to each other.

In their session, you'll get an overview of analytics concepts and tools, as well as practical hands-on examples demonstrating how the cat-centric blog, CoveredInCatHair.com began using analytics to help expand its fan base into a thriving community over the past six years. Robinaf1

What is the best part of attending BlogPaws as an attendee for these two dynamos? " Networking – getting connected with others with similar interests, as well as potential customers (and Robin adds; “To hang out with my cat-writing babes!”)

With all this passion and skill for what they do, are pets involved? Of course! "Eight cats of our own, plus whatever fosters are in house at the moment because we run a Non-Profit Cat Rescue called Kitten Associates, Inc."

How can folks connect with Robin and Sam?

Sam: http://resonetrics.com


Robin: twitter: @RobinAFOlson





Fun Facts:

Sam: Jazz guitarist and meditation instructor

Robin: "I have a huge collection of items from the 1940s-1960’s including lunchboxes, advertising signage, neon signs, ceramic cats and LOTS more. I also ranked 2nd in my class at the Skip Barber Professional Driving School."

Robinaf3Come to Salt Lake City and join in the fabulous 3-day event:  BlogPaws 2012

Catch up on our BlogPaws Speaker Series in the BlogPaws Community.



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