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Tips To Make Your Pet Blogging Experience A Joy

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

We've all had it: the fear of the blank screen. Heck, I get it on a weekly basis and I've been blogging for
Picture1 more than a decade. I have found several ways to make the blogging experience less of a pain and more of a joy and I want to pass my tips along to you. Blogging about pets or in the pet industry should be something you do because you love it, not because it's a chore or obligation that you have to do… if you aren't having a good time, it will show in your words and you'll lose momentum. 

Here are my tips for helping you have
a better pet blogging experience:

  • Know your pet writing niche. If you blog in
    subjects related to your area of expertise, you will train your mind to be
    always alert to topics in that area. Set up a document on your computer to
    write and capture your ideas, carry a notebook with you to jot them down then
    toss them in a folder in your desk drawer, use a mini recorder to capture ideas
    when they come to you. I know that ideas pop into my head when I’m driving down
    the road so I dictate it into my smartphone and voila I won’t lose that
  • Plan your blogging and its content in
    advance of the publication date. If you have an editorial calendar and organize
    your content you won’t have the fear of the blank screen. Even if you only post
    once a week, it’s best to have an editorial calendar to keep you on track.
  • End your blog post with a call to
    action from your readers. Ask them a question. Invite them to comment on what
    you’ve just written. Ask them for their advice. Feedback and comments can also
    help you formulate future blog posts.
  • Be a research fanatic. Blogging will
    be easier if you know your subject. If you’re interested in pet health but aren’t
    a veterinarian, interview one. Form a relationship with a pet health expert
    that can help you and be a research partner. If you’re positioning yourself as
    a pet lifestyle expert you will want to understand the problems that
    individuals face in the lifestyle pet field. You get the picture.
  • Before you write your post, take some
    time to consider how you want that post to be found – ie, what keywords will
    you use? The best way to get your pet blog found is through the judicious use
    of key words and tags. Using them correctly will improve traffic to your blog
    and enhance your visibility.

What steps do you take to make your
blogging a breeze? Have you found any tricks that work? What about steps you
tried that simply didn’t work?  



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