Story: Double Dog Rescue With Space Shuttle Flyover

By Kristin Dewey, BlogPaws Special Projects Manager

You may remember Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws and his presentation at the BlogPaws 2012 Social Media Conference in Salt Lake City, where he spoke about 'The Power of YouTube' and featured his famous 'Fiona' video.

This is Eldad's latest video: Two cute dogs who'd been living on the streets of Compton in L.A. for a very long time – which just happens to catch the Space Shuttle Endeavor's last flight in its final descent to LAX. The dogs have been named Sky and Apollo. ; )

The video is a little long at 11 minutes, but it's very inspiring, and a great 'before, during and after' story of a successful rescue.





=== Spoiler! ===

Don't scroll down unless you want to see the before and after pics of these sweet dogs before you watch the video!


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