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It’s Adopt A Cat Month: How Many Cats Do You Live With?

Post by Blog Manager, Robbi Hess

jessie henriettaBlogPaws continues to celebrate cats and Adopt a Cat Month so I have decided to share with you why I share my house with four cats. When I first moved out of my parents home, way back when the apartment I rented in allowed one cat as a pet. We grew up on a farmette and I had experience with a lot of barn cats — which my parents had vetted, spayed and neutered — and we fed and cared for them.

I’d never owned my very own cat but this was my opportunity! My first cat was adopted when I saw a roadside sign that read, “Free kitens” I didn’t correct their misspelling, but I did adopt a kitten and named her Sheila. She was the most talkative cat I had ever owned until Jessie came alone. Sheila greeted me at the door, slept in my bed, peered in when I showered and sat in a kitchen chair next to me when I ate my breakfast. I had her until she went over the Rainbow Bridge at age 13. I have owned other cats both during and after the time I had Sheila and have loved the lucylaundry1unique personalities they have all brought to my family.

Here are my top reasons why everyone should own a cat. Well, if you’re allergic you don’t have to! Away we go with the reasons you should adopt a cat:

  • They’re hilarious. Of my four cats: Clyde plays fetch; Parker loves to play in any water that he finds: Lucy loves to put her foot on my mouth when she is sitting on my lap and I start talking; Jessie follows us around and talks nonstop.
  • It doesn’t matter how small it is, if there’s a box, they will cram themselves into it.
  • They will spent hours sitting on top of the curtain rods staring out the window.
  • If they hear the can opener drawer open, they come running and won’t stop acting like a school of hungry sharks until I walk to the backroom empty-handed to show them there is no empty tuna can coming their way.
  • They clean themselves. Henrietta goes to a groomer once a month and it’s an ordeal — for both of us. The cats are “self cleaning” (well, other than their litter boxes!)
  • They love to help with laundry. Clyde and Parker jump into the hamper when I wheel it toward the washing machine, Lucy jumps into the dryer to help fold the clothes.
  • There are four chairs at the kitchen table and whichever ones are empty are always filled by either Henrietta and one or more of the cats who rest their chins on the table and watch me eat.
  • When I’ve had a bad day they seem to know it and will climb up into my lap and soothe me with their purrs.lucypurse
  • They can tell time as well as the dogs because when 5 pm rolls around they start stalking me and chattering because they want their dinner.
  • They’re independent. I love, love, love Henrietta but sometimes she is too clingy. My kitties seem to know when I need to be un-clinged-upon and respect my space.
  • Their curiosity at anything and everything new in the house or out of doors makes me stop and take notice as well. They help me live in the moment.
  • Kittens are just plain fun.
  • Photo ops galore with this clowder of cats is seemingly endless. Check out my Facebook page for examples!
  • As with any other pet, my cats provide never-ending unconditional love.
  • Lint brushes are inexpensive and you can use tape in a pinch to rid yourself of cat hair before you leave the house.
  • You can relieve the boredom of tying your shoes when you have a cat at your feet “helping” you out!

If you’ve ever wondered if owning a cat was right for you, I say yes! If you want to talk to anyone about cats in general or adopting a cat in particular bring your questions to the BlogPaws Community and speak with any of our cat-loving members! clydeparker

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