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Blogging Idea Starters For The Pet Blogger

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Gack! Not another blank screen! Not another day of having to come up with something to blog about! Unless you decide to take the advice in this recent post that offered five ways your pet blog can soar — you could just quit blogging! Sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it? Think about it. If you truly dread blogging and you’re yanking your hair out and you are completely uninspired that will show through in your blog posts and your readers will walk away shaking their heads wondering, “what happened to the great blog posts I used to read on XYZ site?” Don’t let your readers shake their heads and walk away!

Here for you are seven short, sweet blogging idea starters for the pet blogger that just might get you back on track. If you need
more inspiration read this post that offered 31 pet blogging prompts.

Ready, set, read…then write:

    1. Trending topics on ___________ found that _____________. Fill in the blanks, for example: Trending topics on blog ideas pet flea care prevention found that more pet owners are using natural products.
    2. A Beginner’s Guide To ________________________. What do you know more than the next person? A Beginner’s Guide To Pet Blogging; A Beginner’s Guide To Making Pet Treats.
    3. Top 5, 7, 10, 50 Tips for_______________. Readers love lists and lists are typically easy to pull together. What do you know a lot about that you could put together in a list form? Top 5 tips to groom your dog, clip your cat’s nails, train your cat to use a scratching post and not your furniture, teaching your dog to walk on a leash, etc.
    4. Pros and Cons of __________________. The Pros and Cons of Taking Your Pet To A Street Festival; The Pros and Cons of A Cross Country Road Trip With Your Cat.
    5. Have you ever wondered about ______________. Have you ever wondered about how to bathe a cat? Have you ever wondered about what the best dog breed for your lifestyle is? What have you done that your readers might be interested in?
    6. Best ways to protect yourself during ______________. Best ways to protect yourself (and your pets) during a snowstorm, hurricane, flood, fireworks display, at a dog park, flea and tick outbreak in your area of the country, etc. 
    7. How to ______________. Readers love how tos. How to knit a sweater for your dog, get your pet to take his or her medicine, collect a urine sample to take to the vet, bake organic pet treats, introduce a new pet to the household, help your pet become a good traveler, etc.

What can you do today to breathe new life and inspiration back into your blogging efforts?

(Photo: Shutterstock Dog thinking about bone)

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