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BlogPaws Celebrates Senior Pets In August

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

During my time of pet ownership I have only had one pet that was a senior that I was 100% responsible
BPSeniorPetAug for — that was our Claudia kitty. Toward the end of her life she developed a form of Alzheimer's, became incontinent and forgot to eat. She spent a lot of her time leaning against a wall and meowing; we weren't quite sure if she was lost or stuck or what, but as soon as we'd hear her, someone would go, pick her up and cuddle with her and she'd purr up a storm. We eventually had to make the decision to let her go to the Rainbow Bridge when she physically couldn't eat and lost the use of other faculties.

It was heart wrenching but we were happy in the knowledge that we had 15 years with her. While it was true that as she aged she needed more attention and special medical attention, but that is something we were prepared for — we adopted her when she was a year old and knew she'd be our responsibility "til death do us part" and we were willing to take on that task. 

20162_300752931531_5452797_nPets, whether puppies or seniors, bring so much love into our lives and our love for them grows throughout the years — which is why we are devoting the month of August to Celebrating our Senior Pets and we hope you will join us in this celebration. What do we have planned? 

  • A #BlogPawsChat on Tuesday, August 6, from 8 to 10 pm EST with Patrick Mahaney who will be celebrating his birthday with us (!) and discussing Senior Pets.
  • In the BlogPaws Community we are having our monthly photo contest to celebrate our senior pets. 

This month's prizes for our contests and for giveaways during our #BlogPawsChat include:

Enter our photo contest, attend our #BlogPawsChat and check back for more exciting prizes as we celebrate Senior Pet Month. We'd also love to hear about your senior pet and what makes him or her special. 

(Pictured: my daughter, Alexa, and Claudia)

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