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Who Needs Stress Relieving Meds When You Have A Pet?

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Picture1I am a type A personality and I get stressed out. Sometimes a LOT! There, I've said it. I don't imagine I'm alone, right? As an entrepreneur and a work-from-home type I get into a routine. I get up, walk Henrietta feed her and Calico Zoe then get my own coffee, read the paper and get to work. I consult my to-do list, jump into blogging and social media for my clients. I attend meetings, field phone calls and do what needs to be done to keep up my self-employed lifestyle. 

Being a writer is not all soap operas, sweat pants and bonbons. Oh, if only it were! 

I'll admit there are times when I feel so stressed I am ready to scream and right around that point, Henrietta starts pawing at me, or pacing or nudging my elbow. After a few minutes, her pacing escalates to higher levels and while I can ignore her for a few more minutes, she will eventually start sighing. I mean true, heartfelt sighs. It's usually at that time when I realize my shoulders are hunched up to my ears and my wrist is starting to kill me and my back is kinking up. Stress? You bet. 

What stops me in my tracks, though and makes me step away from the computer? The idea that my stress is leaching off of me and into Henrietta and if for no other reason, I'll stop working. I will snap on her leash or just go lie down in the bed and have her snuggle in for a while. There's no stress reliever better than petting a Poodle (or any other pet for that matter). 

It would be good if I could step back on my own and know that working all day without a break or walk or even a quick stroll around the house is necessary to do my best work. You need to have a healthy mind and body to perform at your peak, right? Right. For those days when I don't remember on my own to take a break it's good that I have Henrietta as a reminder. 

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  1. For me, it’s one of my cats, either Rusty or Rhette, who comes over and headbutts me first. When/if that doesn’t work, they just put their front feet on one arm and then lay down on top of the arm. Sometimes, I get one cat on the right side and one of the left…LOL. It’s tough to keep working with your arms immobilized :))
    Funny how our pets pick up on our state of mind more quickly than we do ourselves!

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