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BlogPaws’ Daily News Bite: Domestic Violence & Pets

Domestic violence impacts not only the individual being abused but all those around that person and that can include their pets. In some instances, an abuser will threaten to harm the pet or will harm the pet as a way to control the victim. A drawback to a victim shutterstock_131534888leaving the abuser is in many cases they have no place to go that will take their beloved pet so they are forced to either abandon him or turn him over to a shelter with the hope they will be able to reclaim him once they’re settled into a new life and a new environment.

The article reads, in part, “This topic, if it reaches only one person, will be worth the time it took to write about it – because domestic abuse is something that affects not only the spouse, but the family, the pets, and everyone else the abuser comes in contact with.” To read the entire article, please go here.

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