BlogPaws Asks… You Answer!

In our continuing quest to get to know the pet lovers with whom we interact, this week's Question & Answer focuses on blog posting frequency. 

  • How often do you post to your blog? 
  • How many times a week do you feel is ideal for posting?
  • Do you get burnt out on reading (or writing) posts? 

Let the conversation begin! 

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  1. I post nearly everyday. I started out strong – everyday for the first month, then I backed off to every other day for a while. Recently, I jumped back up to everyday.
    It really depends on what’s going on in my personal life (time issue) and whether I find something I REALLY want to post (I try not to post just for the sake of putting something out there). Yes – I do occasionally get burnt out. Generally, a day off solves that!

  2. I post 1-2 times a day in general plus I blog for others
    I feel daily is good for growing and maintaining
    I don’t ever feel burnt out at reading or writing. Blogging is in my bloodstream and I love to read and write, so it never feels like a chore. It’s a career and one I adore!

  3. I blog once per week, because it’s the only amount of time I can spend on my blog. It works for me!
    Ideally I would like to post a couple times a week, and admire people who are able to post daily with interesting content!
    I read/comment at last once per week, too. If I wrote more than one post per week it might be too much for me at this moment. Love seeing others’ posts though, however frequent!

  4. I just start an editorial calendar – planning when my posts will be and the subject. (not sure what took me so long to start doing this. I have been posting once a week but now have a goal of posting three times a week. I just love it. I did a lot of academic writing but that’s as boring as a cup of sand. This kind of writing is a wonderful way to be creative and expressive.

  5. I post around 3-5 times per week. Ideally I’d like to post at least once a day, but my day job is always getting in the way of my fun. I don’t get burnt out on reading or writing blog posts I just sometimes can’t find the time.

  6. How often do you post to your blog?
    I vary, from 3 – 6 times a week but right now I am taking a break.
    How many times a week do you feel is ideal for posting?
    I prefer to post 3-4 times a week. I find keeping up with other blogs and posting comments really can take a lot of time
    Do you get burnt out on reading (or writing) posts?
    Yes. Right now I am taking a break.

  7. Great comments, everyone. I agree, sometimes it’s hard to blog daily, but having an editorial calendar truly does help — it takes away the “blank page” fear. Write on!

  8. Whee post every day. Even when Mummy is sick whee have posts lined up and a little hooman to press ‘post’ for us.
    At first whee did one or two a day but whee began to run out of ideas so Mummy began saving up posts so she could use ones where time didn’t matter on the days when she had bloggers block!

  9. I commit to posting 3 times a week on both of my blogs. I always blog on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (in my opinion those are the highest traffic days)
    I reserve the other days of the week for if something comes up that I want to blog about. I often blog between 4-6 days a week but that is NOT my preferred schedule.
    I am a firm believer in “less is more” Unless a blog is particularly compelling I find it tiresome to have to receive blog posts from some blogs 7 days per week. I would rather miss someone in between and think that they feel the same.
    It often becomes HUGELY tiring to read everyone’s blogs when I follow HUNDREDS

  10. I try to post 1-3 times a week. Depending on the momentum of the Key post created for the week, I’ll do two more.
    Since a lot of my posts deal with a lot of camera and photography setup, or video, the amount of hours spent editing really wear on me.
    Many of the top blogs and sites that I follow only post up to three times a week. If you post too often, about the same topic, you may lose readers because of monotony. However, if you run a photoblog, and you’re capable of posting unique, and different cute/pretty/intriguing photos every day, thats great.
    I try to switch up my topics. One post is crafts related, the other is related to the dogs, and then usually an outdoors post (with the dogs!). The crafts post will sometimes be changed out for stuff i sell in my Etsy shop or vintage items I collect. This helps draw in readers from all interest groups.

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