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Reasons Why (& How To) Become A Lifestyle Blogger

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

It’s a fine line, in many cases, between lifestyle blogger and pet blogger. Many pet bloggers write about lifestyle topics and many lifestyle bloggers own (and write about) their pets. What if you’re just dipping your toes into the blogging waters and wonder if you want to be a lifestyle blogger who writes about pets or a pet blogger who drops in lifestyle topics? How and where do you begin?shutterstock_67664950

Here are my thoughts on why, and how to, become a lifestyle/pet blogger:

  • Your writing acumen will soar. The more you write (hopefully) the better writer you will become. The sheer act of putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard will help make you more prolific. The more you write, the more you will find your own voice and be able to put your personality to your lifestyle blog. The more you write, the more you will discover which direction you want to travel along your blogging path.
  • You will become more intentional. Both your writing life and your personal life will be more intentional. You will ponder your actions when you’re blogging, ie “Should I blog about recipes today or a DIY about pets or how to juggle pets, kids AND a life?” You will also become more open to ideas about what you can blog about. Believe me, when you’re starting out, it may seem as though ideas are as elusive as a wisp of smoke on the breeze. The more you write, though the more your mind will be open to new ideas for your blog.
  • Your scheduling habits and powers of organization will likely be enhanced. If you’ve committed to becoming a lifestyle or pet blogger you will need to make time for it in your already busy life. Because of this you will have to make your blogging a priority and add yourself to your to-do list. You will learn to zealously guard your writing time AND you will make the best use of that time when you do sit down to write.
  • You will meet new people and you may even inspire people you meet! Blogging means you will (or should be) interacting more frequently on your social media platforms and through that you just might make some new friends! The posts you write may inspire your readers whether it’s to try a new recipe, a new method for housebreaking a puppy, your best tips for juggling family and pets and blogging or myriad other items you may write about. The people you “meet” on social media and through your blogging could potentially become new clients (if you’re looking for them) or accountability partners or simply new friends.
  • You might make some money! If you blog in a niche you have the potential to garner ad revenue. You may even be able to guest blog on other sites that pay, in your area of expertise. Google Ads might make sense on your site. Becoming an affiliate and offering affiliate links for goods and services you love may bring in some additional dough. You might even create your own products to sell on your site. Blogging may also lead to speaking gigs, if that’s what you’re seeking.
  • BONUS TIP: Being a blogger, because it puts you in the public eye, can help build your confidence. Receiving comments on your blog post is a rush like no other!blogpaws conf

Take a few minutes to ponder whether blogging is for you. If you think it is, brainstorm the type of blogger you want to be and what your areas of expertise you feel most comfortable blogging about. Put together your editorial calendar (there’s nothing worse that the fear of the blinking cursor) so that when you sit down for your appointed blogging time you know what you’re going to blog about.

What made you decide to become either a pet or a lifestyle, or a combination of the two, blogger? We’d love to hear about your beginnings!

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