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Post by BlogPaws CEO, Yvonne DiVita

I woke up and threw my feet to the floor, eyes only half open. I was groggy. It was early. I considered crawling back under the sheet, but then, right there, meeting my gaze, was a day full of abundance, beckoning.

Abundance is all around me, every day. In the mountains. In the towering trees. Even in the activity of the squirrels as they scamper from tree to tree, or along the rail of our back fence.

Abundance commands my attention, every day. Who wouldn’t be drawn to the fantastic views out our back window? Who wouldn’t be moved by the growing of the grass, the gorgeous pink and yellow flowering bushes as the morning breeze wanders through them?

Abundance may be quiet, often even silent, but it never stops tugging at my brain. I see it in all of these things; the view, the squirrels, the flowering bushes and I feel it in the breeze or the warm sun on my face.

I feel the whisper of abundance, each and every morning, and I fall asleep thanking my lucky stars that abundance is part of my life, each and every night.

Our air conditioner died last night. Just before dinner. In Colorado, that can be the hottest part of the day. The sun beats down relentlessly. There is no mercy. If you venture outdoors, you do so with water bottle in hand. If you walk your dogs in the evening, you do so on the shady side of the street. You bask in the glory of Colorado weather, indeed, you do! But, you know what to expect if you eat dinner as early as we do. You expect an abundance of sunshine streaming through your windows!

We were not pleased that our air conditioner broke last night, just before dinner.

There are many reasons the breaking of a major piece of household equipment made us unhappy. Not the least of which was the fact that we’re heading into July and the hottest part of the summer is approaching.

But, I will be honest with you. Our first concern, our major concern, was, “How bad is it?” And, “How much will it cost to fix?”

Those are not questions you ask, if you are living a life of abundance. Are they?

Perhaps they are. Perhaps abundance is not just “an extremely plentiful or over-sufficient quantity or supply” as noted on Dictionary.com . Perhaps abundance is a concept. Perhaps it exists as part of who we are and what we do, and doesn’t have to apply to what we have or what we have not. The concept, in business, is to believe in yourself and your work. To operate from a deep seated sense of “I can do this!” or, a place of abundance. You can do it. You are able and if you always take that next step, you will propel yourself forward, all the while gathering to your heart, the abundance of life all around you.

In the end, a broken air conditioner either needs fixing or it doesn’t. One can make a choice to repair it, whatever the cost, or to live without. There is no in-between. If repairing it means $500 or $5,000 and one cringes at the number, one needs only stop… consider the choices…and embrace the result. The abundance comes from having the choice and accepting the result.

We chose to repair it. It is mid-day now, the day after our air conditioner broke, and the repairman has not come by, yet. It’s warm. It’s getting toasty. The day is going on as if my broken air conditioner doesn’t matter to it at all. And I,  I feel a little trickle of sweat beginning to form on my forehead.

The mountains still rise majestically. The green leaves on the trees in our yard flutter in a fleeting breeze. The bushes with their flowers welcome bees and provide refuge for rabbits. The squirrels are gone; they, most likely, are napping. Their abundance filled them with fruit and nuts this morning and they are enjoying the quiet of an afternoon nap.

Nothing has changed, except a minor inconvenience in my life. I have not lost the full abundant day. It exists still. I put fingers to keyboard to write this post, knowing my problem will be solved and the belief I have in myself and my work will accommodate the cost.

It’s not easy, sometimes. I know that.

It can be downright hard!

But, if you learn to operate from a place of abundance; if you learn to recognize the abundance all around you, daily; if you choose to live a life full of abundance, you will find it a welcoming companion.

On those days that you feel trapped or lost or invisible, stop for a bit and watch the world go by. As you watch, as you enjoy a moment of reflection, I ask that you also notice the grass, the sunlight, the rain if it’s raining; look closely at the very world around you – a busy, wild world, sometimes; or a quiet, silent world. I ask that you allow the world to speak to you. It will direct you on the right path. A path of abundance.

Abundantly yours, Yvonne.

p.s. if you see the air conditioner repairman, tell him to call Tom!

p.s.s. the dogs don’t seem to care one way or the other!

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