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Tips For A Marvelous Monday

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess 

Do you dread Monday? Have you ever looked forward to your Monday? If  you dread them, why do you? If there was a time when you loved and welcomed Monday, what changed that you no longer do? I am a firm believer in the mantra that, “If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.” I realize, though, that is a mantra that works for me because I found a way to turn my love of words and writing into a career.

happy monday tips

I also realize that I don’t have to commute nor do I have to deal with watercooler gossip. However, even if you’re not fully immersed in running your own business — whatever your passion — there is no reason you can’t embrace a happier attitude about the start of your workweek, is there?

Here are my tips for a marvelous Monday:

  • Routines matter. I am a firm believer in routines. My family says I am not spontaneous and that may be true, but my routines help my days move more smoothly so I embrace them. Determine what your morning routine is, ie what would make you happy. My morning routine consists of getting up early, enjoying breakfast, reading a paper and taking Henrietta for a walk before I begin work. I don’t even look at my phone or check Facebook or email before 9 am and that, too, makes up part of my morning routine. The time you take to indulge in the routine you have set for yourself will set the tone for the day.
  • Make a list. Since breast cancer, I make a list before I fall asleep every night of everything good that happened to me during the day. Even on days when nothing went right other than the fact that my coffee creamer wasn’t curdled, I write that down. In the morning I read about those good things and I then pen down a couple items for which I am grateful. The simple act of counting your blessings can put you in a positive mindset that carries you for at least a few hours.TGIM
  • Make a coffee date. Whether you meet a friend in real life or have a virtual coffee date with a friend, family member or colleague a Monday morning phone call to touch base and motivate one another might just set the tone for an amazing week ahead.
  • Plan ahead. Before I leave my office at the end of every work day I write down what I hope to accomplish the following day. I do this on Fridays as well. That way I know what’s on my plate for Monday and can plan for it. Also, having a list allows me to jump right into work without having to wrack my brain to remember what deadlines were looming and if I had forgotten anything. NOTE: Writing this list on Friday also lets me take the weekend off without truly giving work much thought. Why? Because I know I have written down my upcoming tasks and therefore it is on paper and out of my mind so I can enjoy my weekend.
  • Make a new friend. Start the week with the intention of making a new friend or connecting with a new colleague. Is there someone you’ve always wanted to talk with, but just haven’t? Set an intention every Monday to reach out to that person. Whether it’s a blogger you admire, someone you see at a coffee shop every day or the next door neighbor who walks her dog the same time you’re walking yours, knowing you will have the “opportunity for adventure” by meeting someone new is a great way to start a week (and grow your circle of connections!)
  • Bonus tip: Before you slog through all of the emails that came into your inbox over the weekend, do a quick purge. Get rid of all of the messages that are spam, that don’t pertain to you, or a “reply all” team message that involves a project you’re not working on. Facing your whittled down inbox will make the task less daunting and a cleaner inbox just might make you smile!

What can you do to make your Monday, and frankly, every day a bit more pleasant? Please share your tips because your tip might just help “make the day” of one of your colleagues!

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