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In Pet Blogging Does Size Matter? #PetBloggerMonth

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

In the past it was a “contest” to see who had the most Twitter followers or the most likes on Facebook; it was all a numbers game, but were you really winning? If I have 100 truly engaged followers who wait on my every word and comment on my every post and status update and retweet me to the moon and back and you have 10,000 followers who occasionally give you a RT or a like, who’s further ahead?

We’ve written about niche blogging in the past and here are more of my thoughts on why serving a niche pet blogging audience niche pet bloggingmight just make your pet blogging business soar. Here are my five thoughts on why smaller is better:

  1. Because I know what my readers want I can tailor my content to their unique needs. I have an enthusiastic, involved audience and I know I am serving them to the best of my ability and they “thank” me by reading, commenting and sharing. That’s what it’s all about, right? Engagement?
  2. I can focus on the quality of my posts rather than having to focus on quantity. If I offer one or two posts a week that my audience truly wants I am serving them better than if I were posting five to seven times a week simply for the quantity of having posted that often. That leads me to…
  3. A higher quality of life! If you work outside of the home or are juggling raising children, playing with your pets, working that full time job AND attempting to mark your territory in the pet blogging world, focusing on a unique niche may just give you more freedom and a better work/life balance!
  4. When you niche blog, your readers can relate better to you than if you’re blogging on topics that are all over the map. What do I mean? Today you’re blogging about high heels; tomorrow you blog about pet grooming; the next day you blog about slow cooker meals for the time-crunched parent… WHAT?! While it’s okay to stray from your niche on occasion, remember your readers come to you because they consider you the authority on that particular topic, don’t lead them astray unless you have stated, “Every Thursday I will blog about time management,” prepare them for the U-turn.
  5. If you blog on “everything” you will likely have more readers “trolling” your site that are a) not your ideal reader and b) are there just to “stir the pot.” Focusing on a niche allows you to get to know your readers and thereby lets you see when you’re dealing with a troll rather than someone who has become invested in your pet blog.

What can you do to niche your pet blogging? Do you believe that niche blogging will enhance your pet blogging efforts?

(Photo Shutterstock: Bengal with glasses)

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