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Countdown to BlogPaws 2011: Mix, mingle and See the Sites

Guest post by Emmy The Pet Sitter

Editor’s note: Here is a second in a series of posts by Emmy to help you make the most of your
downtime (not that there will be much!) at the conference. Thanks, Emmy!

If you love to shop and have free time at BlogPaws 2011—the Pet Media Blogging Conference in Tysons Corner, Virginia—welcome to Mecca. Here’s the Countdown to BlogPaws 2011: Mix, Mingle and see the sites.

I’ve lived in Northern Virginia since 1963, when the Tysons meat-packing plant stood at the corner of two-lane roads. No stoplights. Drawings of three huge animals decorated the plant: a pink pig, a cow, and a lamb. Now Tysons Corner is, among other things, a major shopping destination.


Fun Shopping

  • Tysons Corner Center (old-timers call it Tysons I) is a behemoth. You may want to look at the mall map before you go. You’ll find name-brand stores, boutique shops, and countless places Dog holds dollar bills to snack, eat, and dine.
  • Tysons Galleria (Tysons II) is upscale. I love to walk through Neiman Marcus and pretend I could spend $1,000 on a purse—if I wanted to. A centrally-located Starbucks offers comfy chairs where you can chill. If you want a quick bite, try theCorner Bakery Café.
The two malls are close enough that you could walk between them, but be careful. There’s construction, about 10 lanes of traffic to cross, and cars aren’t used to pedestrians in that area.
  • The Shops at Fairfax Square. I’ve never had the nerve to go to this smaller mall. I’m afraid no matter how nicely I’m dressed, everyone will know I can’t afford Hermés and Tiffany’s. If you go I want to hear about it!

The Sheraton offers a free shuttle to the malls. Be sure to make a note of where the driver will pick you up.

Practical Shopping
Between the Sheraton and the Beltway on the “Sheraton side” of Leesburg Pike/ Route 7, a sidewalk makes walking possible—although between the dust and exhaust fumes, I wouldn’t call it pedestrian-friendly.

Forget that little thingy for your booth or presentation? Staples, at 8387C Leesburg Pike, (703) 883-0011, is a little more than a mile from the Sheraton. At the same strip mall (Pike 7 Plaza) is a FedEx.

The closest grocery store is Harris Teeter, 8200 Crestwood Heights Drive, in McLean, (703) 448-0132. If you don’t have a car you can order from Giant using PeaPod. The closest Giant (store #0758) is at 1454 Chain Bridge Rd., McLean, (703) 893-0377. Order 24 hours in advance.

Check with your hotel concierge for any needs; he or she can give you the best advice.

Dog-Friendly Stores

Coming in a separate post

More to Come
I posted on Tysons Corner traffic and weather, and plan to write about where to eat, dog-friendly dining, and things to do with your dog (thanks for suggesting, @CarolNBryant). What else do you want to know? Give me a shout.
@EmmySits (Twitter)


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  1. If you’re looking for a nice place to eat, you could try Cafe Deluxe. It’s right outside Tysons I (in the same building with Crate and Barrel). It’s a French-style bistro with indoor and outdoor tables. Kind of noisy, but good food. (I live in Maryland, so I’ve been there lots of times.)

  2. “The two malls are close enough that you could walk between them, but be careful. There’s construction, about 10 lanes of traffic to cross, and cars aren’t used to pedestrians in that area.”
    I think Emmy is being a little too generous with her assessment. Walking in the area around the Sheraton, or anywhere in Tyson’s Corner, is more like taking your life into your own hands. I don’t recommend it.

  3. Ingrid is right. I wanted to give it a positive spin, but DC drivers are aggressive. They drive too fast and routinely run yellow lights. They aren’t used to pedestrians near the Sheraton or the mall, and I doubt any driver would yield to pedestrians. Thanks for the reality check, Ingrid.
    I’ve written more posts about the area: http://emmysits.blogspot.com

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