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BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday: Pet Safety Rocks

In honor of Pet Safety awareness with BlogPaws throughout the month of July, meet BlogPaws’ Community member, Gina Robinson’s cutie pie, who is ready for summertime fun and safety by the pool. 

Have you entered to win a variety of prizes over in the BlogPaws Community photo contest? It’s easy, fun, and you can win goodies! 

Inthe meantime, it is also time for Wordless Wednesday with the BlogPaws blog hop. BlogPaws offers year-round interaction, activity, community and more to learn, earn, and connect. Plus we have the weekly tradition of the Wordless Wednesday BlogPaws Blog Hop! All pictures posted in the free BlogPaws Community are eligible to appear on this post each week.

Visit and leave comments on other blogs to make some new buddies and maybe some new followers.
You can add the BlogPaws Blog Hop button to your post and/or to your blog sidebar, either by cutting and pasting the image or using the HTML code below.

Need help? Here it is: How to Join a Blog Hop – BlogPaws Tutorial

Want to see your pet featured? Join our free BlogPaws Community and share your photos! We select our BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday pet from the photos in the community each week.

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