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Niche Blogging – Ten Blogs As Example

Happy-tongued-dogWhat is a niche blog? It's a blog that has a specific focus. It's a blog that is sharing targeted information. Many niche blogs are very popular because the readers know exactly what they're going to get when they visit.

If you're considering a niche blog, or if you'd like to turn your existing blog into a niche focus, consider these ten niche blogs and learn from their success. They are not all pet blogs. There is a variety here – notice their design. Notice their content. Notice how often they post. Notice comments. Notice what they include in their sidebar. Notice how they post pictures, or not. Don't just notice. Make a list. Learn something.

1. http://social-savvy-pets.com/  From a pet person we know and love, Dr. Lorie Huston.
Social Savvy Pets is dedicated to helping veterinarians and other pet professionals establish an online presence through the use of blogging and social media. I can help you build your professional reputation online, increase the success of your business marketing efforts, help you communicate more effectively with your existing clientele to increase loyalty to your brand or business and help you attract new customers/clients.

2. http://www.thehappylitterbox.com/ From our own co-founder, Caroline Golon
I started this site because litter box issues are more common than you may know. And they are one of the biggest reasons why cats are surrendered to shelters and rescues. Which breaks my heart. In fact, I think that is probably the reason my sweet litter box-challenged boy, Romeo, was sent to the shelter twice before he was two years old. That’s when I adopted him. 

3. http://www.copyblogger.com/ A favorite of everyone.
Want more traffic, links, subscribers, and a profit-generating website? Copyblogger gives you the solutions you need to succeed.

4. http://gracefullplate.com/ A blog about…food. Spend some time on her about page. Very compelling.
I believe that over food, we connect, find common ground, share, laugh and love. It binds us together.

5. http://www.yourdailycute.com/  The title says it all. But, here's more from the about page:
Ut-oh! No about page! Does it need one? You decide.

6. http://coveredincathair.com/ Not just cats, but mostly cats. Focused or scattered?
This journey has made me realize, I need to open my own Non-Profit Organization, so join me on my new journey-opening a rescue group in the middle of the worst economic crisis in our lifetime!

 7. http://lorislolz.org/ A Mom blog. With a specific focus that tackles some tough issues.
Hi, I’m Lori, mom of 3 and Learning Coach/Mentor of two who are currently enrolled in Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) an online public charter school. Sean is my oldest, a 2011 COVA Graduating Senior who is headed to CU Boulder this fall, my son Shannon is entering 10th grade this year, and Ashlyn, my baby girl who is not such a baby anymore, will be an 8th grader.

8. http://www.bellebeanchicagodog.com/ Found via a link on someone's else blogSnotface-the-ferretroll. Think blogrolls aren't worth it? Think again!
In this world there are 2 types of Chicago dogs. There’s our Chicago dog….a furry, cuddly, lick-your-face-off Cocker Spaniel. And then there’s the other type of Chicago Dog. The mouth-watering, lip-smacking, culinary delight. A hot dog with the perfect mix of ingredients: onions, tomatoes, relish, hot peppers, yellow mustard and a pickle, finished off with celery salt.

9. http://www.snotfacecritter.com/ The life and times of Snotface. (I didn't give him that name!)
Hello and welcome to my bloggy! My partner in mischief, Stephanie Minck, is the typist of this blog. You can read all about me on my Bio page, but here is a little bit of what I am about…

10. http://www.donnaspromotalk.com/ A great place to learn how to run promotions.
Marketing Professional, SEM Consultant, Social Media Diva, Promotional Expert, Writer, Blogger and Mom

The goal here is to learn how to make your blog work better. These blogs are a good example of how to stay focused, if you're writing in a niche market. But, they also speak to good blogging in general. Which ones do you think work best? Why?




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  1. These are all great examples of niche blogging. I have to take this opportunity to add my own, since it’s an even narrower niche than most of these….
    Tripawds.com is the world’s largest community for three legged dogs and their humans. What began as a personal blog about our dog Jerry’s battle with osteosarcoma has turned into a 3,000-member strong community for people to support one another when faced with canine amputation or adopting a three legged dog.
    We had no idea that this niche even existed when we started in 2006, but what we discovered is that if we are having a certain issue with our dog, chances are there are many, many more who are also dealing with the same thing. So, why not find those folks and create a support system for something that once felt so isolating?
    There is a nice out there for everything. The key is to find something you are passionate about, and then run with it. You are destined for success if your heart is in it!
    We actually added some of our own tips about how to build community for niche blog success in this ProBlogger article. Enjoy!

  2. @Rene & Jim – yes, I’ve heard of your community and visited your site. I should have mentioned it. Thank you for sharing. You’re so right that there are a lot of niche blogs and communities focused on narrow topics of importance. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks so much for including me in this list and for saying such kind things! I’m proud to be part of this great list of blogs. I’m in some pretty good company here. And now I’m off to go check out the few I’m not familiar with. 🙂

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