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Mark Your Calendar For the Biggest #BlogPawty EVER!

Twiggy says, SURPRISE

BlogPaws is busy planning the biggest, bestest #BlogPawty event yet and we want YOU to be there! 

DATE: November 13th 
TIME: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM ET 
PLACE: The BlogPaws Village Square
COST: Free! It's open bar all pawty!
RSVP: Click here to RSVP via Twtvite

Normally we would hold our monthly #BlogPawsChat on November 13th, but we have a surprise and as much as Twiggy, BlogPaws resident Diva Greyhound, would like to tell you now, we know how much fun surprises are.

Shibbering CheetosWe will share that the famous Shibbering Cheetos will be playing the #BlogPawty at 7:00 ET! 

So, come join the #BlogPawty for amazing fun, open bar, the best tunes and noms, and knowing that what happens at the #BlogPawty, stays at the #BlogPawty! We will have fabulous prizes, including donations to send on to your favorite charity. Stay tuned for the complete details (schedule, anipals to follow, events), complete list of prizes and special guests! This is one #BlogPawty you won't want to miss. 



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