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My Pet is Better Than Your Pet

B1by: Carol Bryant

Okay my pet is better than your pet. Well, of course not, but judging by the explosion of pet parents and pet bloggers taking to the BlogPaws Community, Twitter, Instagram, microblogs, and more: Pets are trending, moving into mainstream travel acceptance, and have become a force with which to be reckoned.

We found more than a few hot spots online this week showcasing pets and their parents, so we can’t keep these to ourselves. It’s time to shine the spotlight on you and your pets!

Double dog dare you not to laugh at this video from my dog. I caught this without him knowing the camera was rolling. He is oh-so-intent on burying a bone. Got a pet video to share? Send it to me at carol@blogpaws.com and you could be featured here and on the BlogPaws Facebook page!

Do you have FOMO? Do you know what FOMO is? OOOOOH, BlogPaws does, and pet blogger Dawn Miklich, asks whether or not you are affected. You just might be and not know it! Get the down low on FOMO here.

BlogPaws member, Ann Staub, shares a post about why you need to follow pet bloggers, and we loved it so much, we made this the spotlight post of the month. It is well written, great images, concise, and very well received. Nicely done, Ann!

WhyDespite all the fun and networking, there are always things that happen is this world to give us moments to pause, react, and call upon the pet parents and pet bloggers of the world to help out.

Due to the destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, now’s the time to act. Together our voices are amplified and our efforts magnified to help pets in need.The images we’ve seen of the devastation caused by the typhoon are heartbreaking and the task of getting aid to the remote areas appear herculean, but the rescuers and relief aid has been pouring forth. It’s not going to be easy and the road to recovery will be a long one.


Want to pitch in? Be the Change for Pets: BlogPaws is ready for you

What caught your attention this week in the pet blogging world? We’re all ears!



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