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Blog Hop: How to Take Better Pet Pictures for Social Media

How would you like to take better pet pictures for your social media accounts and blog? This week’s blog hop is dedicated to this topic.

Who knows your pet better than you do? Taking better pet pictures involves 5 key skills:

  • Knowing when the right time is to take the photos
  • The right lighting
  • Uncluttered background
  • Captures the pet in their best moment(s)
  • The right angle

Nine Tips For Better Pet Pictures

  1. Lighting: Natural daylight is your best friend. If at all possible, get outside in a safe place for photos to harness the sun. If this is not an option, shoot photos with your back against the sun in a well-lit room. If a well-lit room or poor daylight are dilemmas, consider indoor artificial light.  Here is some fab advice for indoor and low lighting photo taking of your pets.
  2. Don’t Ignore the Macro Mode: No matter what device you are using to catch that awesome pet photo, try to use the close-up or macro mode sometimes.  Clear, clean close up shots with a window to the soul that is the pet’s eyes tell an incredible nonverbal story.
  3. Surprise Without Startling: You want your pet to hold still and cooperate. I keep my camera nearby for the perfect shot when my dog least expects it. Maybe you do the same thing. Another trick is to let the pet play and then rest and maybe whistle or make a sound that heightens his or her curiosity. You want surprise, not startle.
  4. Treat Time: The right treat is important so for photo sessions, I keep my dog’s high value treats in my pocket. Many of my best shots are taken during his longing stare for a treat. My wife strategically positions herself behind me, with the lens, to capture that “looking off” gaze like this:
  5. Kitty Capture: “Transforming your cat into the perfect spokesmodel for your sponsored posts is easier than you think,” says Robin Mudge of The Playful Kitty blog. Mudge shares tips for taking irresistible photos of your cats.
  6. Tell That Story: Mary Hone of Tales from the Back Road blog, writes, “Good photography doesn’t have to be about the latest, greatest, most expensive equipment.” Tell a story with photos and follow Hone’s tips.
  7. Join the BlogPaws Social Learning Community Challenge for better blog photography for access to professional tips and advice.
  8. Aqua Pet: I take photos of my dog drinking water. Whenever I have a post or tip about pet bowls, water, drinking, importance of fluids, etc, I have the photos ready to go.  You get the idea. The next time kitty wants a drink, be ready with the camera.
  9. Phone Photos: Get the most out of your phone with a photoshoot on a mobile device.

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