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How to make your pet a YouTube sensation

LaurenandPaigeBy: Carol Bryant

If you follow reality tv at all, you might have heard (or seen) that a doggy dancing duo took home the coveted top prize on Britian's Got Talent recently. We'll post the winning performance at the end. Meantime, if you've ever dreamed of how you can make your pet a YouTube sensation, land a commercial, get on t.v., BlogPaws has you covered.

Lauren Girard and CJ Jasmine are two of the three speakers, who along with Eldad Hagar, will be presenting The Power of YouTube at BlogPaws in June. The session will also be live streamed, making everyone, everywhere, worldwide, able to watch, learn, and participate in real time. But wait, there's more…

Lauren and CJ gave BlogPaws the inside scoop about their dogs, their session, and little "behind the scenes" fun to whet our palates and wag our tails.

BlogPaws: Hey Lauren and CJ. Right off the top, who are your famous pooches we can expect to meet at BlogPaws?

CJ:My Favorite Pup Jasmine is a 6-year-old Havanese and her nicknames are Jaz or Jazzy.

Paige: I have two dogs: Paige is a four year old border collie and Dexter is a two year old shepherd mix. I also have two cats, Oscar is a four year old orange domestic long hair and Sundae is a three year old gray and white domestic long hair. Paige will be with me at BlogPaws.

BlogPaws: What can folks expect to learn at your session at BlogPaws?

CJ:How to not feeling intimidated by technology, to become aware of the capabilities that it has, how to create a good YouTube video, and to learn how our 2 dogs went from household pets to being nationally recognized.  (with some international TV time too!) CJandJaz

BlogPaws: Now that is fun! We can't wait. Lauren, what is your dog's claim to fame? Where might we have seen Paige?

Lauren:I appeared on David Letterman’s, Stupid Pet Tricks with Paige last year! She performed a trick where she made a waffle in a toaster! I have produced numerous trick videos of Paige which have been posted to YouTube. Her popular videos have given rise to large media opportunities such as being published in Reader’s Digest, appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman, and gaining national spotlight in many commercials such as the 1800-PetMed advertisements!

CJ: I’m not a professional dog trainer.  Jasmine and I just learned together as we went along.  I read and took classes, and discovered clicker training (positive reinforcement).  That made all the difference.  Jasmine won’t let me stop doing tricks with her.  She’ll jump on your back if you’re bending down to tie your shoe.  She’s VERY food motivated.  Her philosophy is “There. I did a trick. Now give me a treat!”

BlogPaws: Woot woot we cannot wait. We are excited folks can live stream and watch these two in action with you. Where can everyone connect online with you?

Lauren and Paige the Border Collie:

Blog: http://snuggliepuppy.wordpress.com/
YouTube: http://youtube.com/snuggliepuppy
Facebook: http://facebook.com/PaigetheBorderCollie
Twitter: @PaigetheBC

CJ and Jaz:

     Blog: http://www.myfavoritepup.blogspot.com/

     Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyFavoritePupJasmine

     Twitter: http://twitter.com/MyFavPupJasmine

     Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/mypupjasmine/

     YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/myfavoritepupjasmine

Pricing here: BlogPaws Online Experience and Live Streaming


More about BlogPaws and to register for in-person: BlogPaws 2012 registration

Everyone can be there, so come join us virtually and/or in paw-son!

 Winner of Britain's Got Talent 2012:


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