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BlogPaws Weekly Pet News Blogging Round Up

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

PetBloggerMonthWhew! Where to begin? How about with the amazing news that BlogPaws has designated September as International Pet Blogger Month — if you're a pet blogger you certainly don't want to miss a thing. We're having a #BlogPawsChat on Twitter (like we always do, three times a month!), hosting a photo contest, featuring our pet bloggers and much, much more! September will be the month to celebrate you and your pet and your pet blogging. If you aren't a member of the BlogPaws Community yet, now is the perfect time to join and become a member of our 24/7/365 pet community. 

Now for what you might have missed last week when you were out walking the dog, petting the cat, cleaning the birdcage or rubbing your pot belly pig's belly: 

  • When you sit down in front of the computer are you ever faced with the, "What am I going to blog about" syndrome? In my post, I help take the stress out of pet blogging with some simple tips you can use to keep the ideas flowing. 

  • In case you missed it, our PR Manager Carol Bryant announced the kick off of Internationa Pet Bloggers Month. She details what BlogPaws has planned, how you can become involved and all of
    1003779_10201308651173648_1559280480_n the benefits that being a member of BlogPaws provides. 
  • On Wordless Wednesday it was all about sharing photos of the pets you love! 
  • If you love pet freebies, we featured a post about just that with links to sites to help you out and tips about what goes on in the BlogPaws community and why it is such a benefit to our members. 
  • There will come a time, or perhaps there already has, to introduce a new pet member to the family. How to make those initial introductions could pave the way for a harmony among your pet family. 
  • Stay tuned for exciting information on how we will be celebrating our September theme and for all information pet-related. 

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